April 24, 2010

Wired Haired Fox Terrier Walk 2010

Our 2nd year at the Fox Terrier run in Brighton today.... lots of lovely wire haired terriers everywhere, a smooth haired one, Irish Terriers and 4 of the Welsh Terrier Association's (WELTAF) finest ...PLUS a very loud barkfest as we gathered at the start. Glad I wasn't down there for a peaceful cup of coffee and read of the newspaper. No umbrellas needed despite the poster....beautiful sunny day and a great time was had by all as we wandered along the cliff walk then chilled out on the beach in the sun watching a load of wire haired fellas having a good old paddle.

Dooley, Jody and Dylan AKA Stealth Warrior watching from behind

Dylan and his glamorous new 'friend' Jody
(actually she wasn't too keen but as ever Dylan ignored that!)

Dylan and his old friend Dooley

Dylan says hello to the Wires...

Special thanks to James who allowed Dylan to jump all over him - what sport for the little Welsh Pupster ! Ears to snuffle and a teenager to tussle with - a perfect day.

April 18, 2010

Marathon Dog 2010

Beautiful sunny day for the inaugural Brighton Marathon. Dylan was disappointed not to be running this year due having been out injured last month but is taking his training very seriously for the 2011 run...

Great day!

April 17, 2010

Messing About by the River

Our new favourite dog walking terrain runs right alongside the River Adur - 2 walks here this week. So beautiful and peaceful. Dylan on near perfect recall and pottering along like the happy pupster he is.

Saturday was a different story ...... multiply the amount of dogs walking on the same path by 10 and we suddenly had a crazy tearaway (and he DID tear away!) dog on our hands. Ah well, maybe stick to weekdays for this particular walk...

Here's super Dylan doing his stuff...

Now where's that mole gone?


Dylan runs...

April 10, 2010

Dylan the Invalid

Dylan has been poorly the last 10 days - we don't know if he ate something or picked up a bug but the poor little fella has been blighted by sickness and the runs for over a week- hundreds of pounds later we still don't know what it was but are just glad the little pupster is back to his normal self and bouncing around again.

Maybe it was a bad pint?

And I never did find that missing pink ball?

But anyway, he's all better now and doing his 'best behaved pooch in the park' impression today - while the camera was out anyway!