September 29, 2010

Camper Van Dylan

Have you missed me??? Me and my staff took 3 weeks off while dusty men hoomans wrecked our house but we're back now (I think the dusty hoomans have been on holiday too cos it's exactly the same as when we left and I still get to sleep in the bedroom for a few more weeks-yipee!)

Guess what those idiot hoomans did ....Made us sleep in a big orange tin kennel on wheels for days and days! I can't believe them sometimes though I must admit I liked life on the road. At least my little puppy bed was free from dust for a few days and we saw sooooooooo many people on our adventures including my mum and my fluffy bruv. More on our adventures later but here's a start...

This is where you pick up your tin kennel on wheels. Here's ours- the orange pop top!

 No dogs allowed in this one....dogism!  I abhor it. 

I wanted to take this one but the staff said we couldn't fit all my dog toys in it (haven't they heard of a trailer?)

Here's my butler driving us to the New Forest. 

This Tin Kennel of ours is called 'Bart' 

My turn to drive - who went and closed the curtains?

Me and my Pop Top

Keeping watch is still important- even when you are in big tin kennel!

It's tiring this camping lark

September 02, 2010

I Dream of Doodley

I got to go to Doodley Dogs daycare today!

I am very grown up now so I went for a whole whole day Doodleying with my dog pals while some dusty looking hoomans sawed up our kitchen and smashed the place up (come to think of it, maybe I should have been guarding the place? Uh Oh! )

Anyway , back to me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE  Doodley Dogs. Can't wait to get my little paws in there in the morning....

...say hello to my fellow pupsters . Hold on a minute....these aren't pupsters!

And then  I play the day away running around the indoor play park like a mad thing with all my proper dog friends - and, more importantly, away from my staff's prying eyes and that nuisance camvideo ! It's great to have a bit of private time away from the staffarazzi . They wonder what I'm up to all day but I keep completely schtum. What happens in Doodley stays in Doodley! It's my special place. 

Here's a vid of some of my friends 'getting integrated' when they first arrive - I love that bit!
(I'm not in this one - I told you didn't I ...what happens in Doodley STAYS in Doodley! Pay attention)

Wup wup! Isn't it brilll? We love Amy and Jane- they are a dog's best friend. 

It's funny but when I get home my legs feel a bit wobbly and I just have to ..... ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

And then when I wake up ..... oh no I don't ! 
I dream of Doodley ALL NIGHT !

When can I go back.?  Oh, please...PLEASE!