March 23, 2016

Me and my new carriage - part 1

I didn't get much for my birthday this year but look what came this morning. I don't know what it's for but I like it !

 Seems to be full of treats. 
Hmmmm... maybe the staff are up to something....

March 03, 2016

Happy Birthday to me

Hope all my little brothers and sister had a fantastic bark day too! Looks like Alfie might have slept through his.  Wake up bruv- the cakes coming out...

March 20, 2015

The Annual Daffo-Dylan Run

Oh I do like the Spring. First I run really fast through the daffodil lanes looking for squirrels!
IMG 3118

 Then if I stop and stare nicely, humans give me treats. Strange but true...

IMG 3117

March 03, 2015

Now I am 6

It’s my birthday! 

IMG 2960

 And my bruvs - Happy Birthday Alfie boy! Nice Octopus. 

IMG 2966

And my other bruv- Leo ! Happy birthday Leo - hope you have a wubba-ful day!

Guess what, I got a brand new posh collar- this year I am superhero Dylan! Thank you Quido Petz ! This is the best one yet

IMG 2911

IMG 3002

IMG 2959

And here’s my new pal Hedgie! I never heard one of these squeak before. I might have to explore further... still it's a nice pillow

IMG 2955

 Here's my mood shot- I'm getting older now. I have to try and look cool 

IMG 2978

 Thank you for all my birthday well wishes - I hurt my shoulder this year cos I fell down a pothole in the river - I've not been running around so much, but I've still got it and getting better every day