August 27, 2009

Hop Skip and Jump

Dylan does this amazing 'hop, skip, jump' thing when he puts his mind to retrieving things whilst on a walk (this is not often- he prefers to wander off pretending he doesn't know us). I've been trying to get it on camera but it's a tough one. Here's some attempts at live footage of Mr Agility. And very very rare film of him bringing a frisbee back!

August 26, 2009

Rubber Chicken

Ruffian Rubber chicken toys have been recommended to me loads of times now and apparently they are a welsh terrier favourite. I finally managed to get one for Dylan .See the below for his review ... I think he likes it.

August 20, 2009

Mad Half Hour

Dylan seems to be entering adolescence - walks now consist of him 'walking' at about quarter of a mile per hour with his nose stuck to the floor looking for good smells - then refusing to move unless he sees another dog to run around with. Not to mention turning into a 'wild horse buckaroo' dog when we turn around to come home. It's slow going!

All those hormones are also increasing 'puppy madness'. Here he is trying to work off some energy without leaving his basket! Puppy classes start again soon.... do you think they might remove his 'good citizen' status?

August 12, 2009

On Guard

We're on leave this week so have been spending most mornings on lovely Hove beach. Dylan has taken to parking himself on top of the beach groynes and 'keeping watch'. We like to think he's being protective but in truth he's probably just looking out for dogs and mischief ... ready to make a break for it as soon as something more interesting comes along!

August 10, 2009

Lord of the Manor

In case you haven't gathered by now, we have a daily battle of wills with Dylan as he desperately tries to prove that he is the boss and us lowly 'pack leaders' are there only to serve him food, brush his coat and take him on guided tours of the neighbourhood. I left him in the garden today for half an hour while we were getting ready and came downstairs to discover this. A new resting place for his honour, Lord Dylan of Hove. All dignity was lost though when he found he couldn't climb back down hence the baleful look in the last shot! Victory is ours...

August 08, 2009

Flower Power

Dylan lost his tennis ball in the flowerbeds today at the park. Actually, I have to admit that after the first time I threw it back in a couple of times to get these photos!
Watch out for Parky Dylan!

August 05, 2009

Birthday Cards

My birthday has come and gone now but I thought I'd post some of my cards from . I don't know why, but I seem to have got a lot of dog cards this year...

August 03, 2009

Scruffy Puppy

It won't be too long before little scruff-pup has his first 'strip' which will make him look like a 'real' welsh terrier. We've grown accustomed to his fluffy sheep look ...he looks like a little black barrel on legs at the moment ! We saw some photos this week of Dylan's 'brother' who's just had his first strip and looks amazing. A lovely dog. Let's hope Dylan comes out well too - but he's certainly not going to like it judging by how much he protests even when I try and brush him!

In the meantime, here's some scruff pup head shots for posterity...

August 02, 2009

Dylan and the Abandoned Rugby Ball

I don't think Dylan is going to live up to his 'Arthur Chilcott' pedigree name. His reaction to seeing his first rugby ball was....well....mixed

Frankendog's last stand

Dylan's favourite toy since we got him has been a little felt dog which I got free from a pet shop. It was re-named 'Frankendog' after I sewed up his torn bits with black cotton one day. Alas, Frankendog suffered a violent assault last night and lies injured and broken. Perpetrator unknown... but just who is that shadowy figure watching on ?

August 01, 2009


Dylan's teething is getting him down some days and his poor little jaw is juddering with the pain of his back teeth . We hadn't seen a single tooth until this week though I know he's losing them as his gummy smile is testament to it. Apparently pups eat their teeth as they come out so we rarely see them ....but here's one that got away! Perhaps I'll show it at the Tate Modern.