March 31, 2011

Dylan and the Pack

Me and my pal Eddi get to go for very long walks now and again when my lazy staff are 'too busy' (hmphh) to take me out!

Actually ...I secretly love going out with the Edster and my other big dog pooch pals. Here we all are ....

Me and Eddi had a 'Tug of Stick' contest...

He gave up in the end - but it took a while. Determined little critter isn't he!
All in a days work for the Stickmaster General

March 27, 2011

Did I miss St David's Day?

I wandered lonely as a cloud.... then tried to dig up all these yellow things to find my lost ball!
Love from DaffoDylan x

March 24, 2011

His Master's Voice

I'm not much of a singer myself but my pal George is pulling in lots of fans for his folk debut gig....

March 23, 2011

Dylan & Noodles Go Mad on the Beach

Here's me and my new best friend Noodles enjoying a day on the beach

The staff say he's almost as handsome as way! *sulks*

I showed Noodles how to walk on walls.....

How to beg for liver cake...

How to get rid of flying wabbits....

and how to pose for the camera.....

Then we had a good old game of tug 

And a chase around on our lovely flying wabbit free beach!

Until we were too tired to run anymore..... almost!

Noodles,Noodles,oh Super Noodles
We love your cute black nose
We're glad you've found your forever home
And ....
Can we come and visit soon?

 *canine poetry doesn't rhyme*

March 21, 2011

Spring is here, time to get digging ....

What's everyone looking at?

Ah well, back to the garden. Watch out worms here I come!

March 08, 2011

Springs Here

Oh boy oh boy- the sun's out at last!

I can play with my friends..

Shoot some hoops...

And stick my tongue out at the staff! 

He he...Wooff - I love the sun!

March 03, 2011

Birthday Boy

I'm 2 today!

 The stoopid staff forgot my birthday so I've not got me new toy YET... but I managed to make them feel so guilty that they finally let me have the toy I got from Mrs Caroline for Xmas.

Woooof - aint going to last long in my gnashers!

Gotcha - I knew I'd have that furry fellow caught in the end. No-one get's past Super-Dylan in the end...not even Santa Square Dog !

Part 2: 

I did it - I stared at the staff so balefully this afternoon that I got a birthday treat after all !!

First I went to the pet shop and got lots of treats off the nice staff (they are much nicer than my staff and have never-ending treatbags behind their desks- when I grow up I'm going to get me a job here)


Then I got a special jellystick greenthing- but no matter how much I chew it, it doesn't melt in my mouth - grrr. 

Then I had some updated headshots taken for my portfolio

Then I had a play with my toys

Then I had a sit down

Then I fell asleep... zzzzzz

Then we set off home 

I didn't want to go so I just sat down and refused to move..

But when we finally got there guess what - a BIRTHDAY BONE WAS WAITING FOR ME ! 

Happy Bark-Day to Me!