February 27, 2010

Dylan on the Downs

To recall or not to recall......

Dylan comes back....

Dylan doesn't ...

And still doesn't...

" Stop blowing that darn whistle - can't you see I'm trying to chew a log here ! "

February 21, 2010

Dylan's Brother Alfie

I just came across some photos of Dylan's little brother 'Alfie' - a little late in the day to be posting but here he is for posterity!

Alfie - Age about 3 months

Dylan at the same age- click here

Alfie (aged about 5 months)

Dylan wasn't as quick as Alfie but has the same 'passing interest' in birds as you can see here
and here !

February 14, 2010

Swan Patrol- Dylan Fights Back

Tired of being chased by the swans on the boating lake, Dylan finally plucked up the courage to get a little closer today. I don't think he scared the swans much but at least he was brave enough to try!

February 05, 2010

Treat Toy

Another treat dispensing toy, another technique mastered....

Dylan Patrol

Since we came back from our little cottage retreat, Dylan has been frustrated that he can't look out of the windows so he's taken up a new post and I have to raise the blinds for him! Oh dear. Looks like we'll have to get a little eco house with floor to ceiling windows. The things you'll do for a dog....