December 20, 2012

Xmas time, mistletoe and wine...

Actually, I'm just too tired for all that. Wake me up when my presents have arrived

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

November 17, 2012

Hearth Dog

Well winter's here but I'm darned if I can get any heat out of this stupid fire - maybe if I get just a teensy bit closer....

Sleepy Welsh terrier

November 02, 2012

Winter Wardrobe

It's dark nights now so I thought it was time to get myself some new togs. My little parcel arrived today with super posh wrapping paper - fitting for someone of my position. Perfect.

I just know know that NO-ONE at the park will have one of these - there's going to be quite a stir....

Here it is - my superjazzy new reflective collar - and I've got a matching lead from those lovely people at QuidoPetz . Now you can all see me at night too!

I'm a happy boy

How do you like my show-pony jumps?

Pretty good eh?

September 06, 2012


Turn to the left…..
IMG 3065

Turn to the right…..
IMG 3064

bop bop bop bop fashion….
IMG 3069

I love David Bowie I do.
What do you think of my autumn collection?

September 01, 2012

I'm back!

14. Susan & Kev got married

Fans. citizens and fellow pupsters and pooches across this land and the world  - I am back! 

I've been having a very busy time with weddings and ball collecting and snoozing through the summer but now that Autumn is here, I have picked up the old quill and will be posting pics of my antics again. 

I hope you can forgive my radio silence - I had a lot of hat fittings for 'the big day' to see to - oh and the staff were a bit busy running around too. 


July 02, 2012

Over the sea from Skye

Just what I needed after the big day - time to chill out in the most peaceful place on earth. Loch Coruisk in the Cuillin Hills

I love boat trips I do - every boat I've ever got on has always been full of my do they know I'm coming? 

My little stick legs are freezing after all that swimming 

Time for a break 

Good 'ere innit?

They call me Dylan 'the Nose'

Ohhhhhh- do we HAVE to go? I love a loch. I'd barely even had time to get me feet wet. 

June 29, 2012

Big Day for the Staff

My staff decided to go to a big castle today and put on rings and dance about like idiots in posh clothes.  So embarrassing. Sometimes I wonder how I put up with them.

March 03, 2012

Happy Bark-day to Me!

It's my 3rd birthday at last. It's been AGES since I got any presents but boy oh boy, I got some today!!!!!

I even got a a pressie AND CARD ( take note staff!) off my lovely Downs Dog Walker Shona the Honoury Super Dogster.

It looks like a xmas cracker ! Well it did...

And I got a big yellow bone ! It was called ruff and tuff but believe me that was mislabelling if ever I saw it - don't mention it to the staff. They are a bit sensitive about my enthusiasm!

AND I got a duck- it was a quacking duck without stuffing (a cunning trick by the staff) ....well it was for a little while. Minutes later it was quackerless. That makes it....well, a bit of fluffy material with eyes. But I LOVE it! I carry it around til it gets nice and soggy then put in on the staffs knees.

And after all of that , I had to have a think about what lay before me...and get my priorities in order as I'm a grown up boy now...



Happy Birthday to my big bruv Alfie!

Here's my Alfie looking cool as ever. Happy Birthday bruv - and to my other bruvs and my sister! And ME!!!!!

Off for my walk now  .... I'll get the staff to take some photos and blogdog it later!

March 02, 2012

Me is nearly 3 !

How do I look? It's my birthday tomorrow so I thought I'd better get dappered up!

February 02, 2012


The staff went off to see some Artist the other day and I've just found out they were hovering around some other dog while they were at it - hmphhhhhh. I can dance and do tricks too you know- I just choose not to.