June 30, 2009

Dylan at Devil's Dyke

Another scorching day. Little Dylan was in the doldrums this morning as I think the heat was too much for him so I popped him in the car this afternoon to see if I could finally get this little sea-dog to swim. Only this time, I decided to avoid the waves (which give Dylan the heebie jeebies!) and go to a little pond on Devil's Dyke where I've seen dogs splashing around . Dylan perked up immediately we got out of the car and realised he had new territory to explore. After some scampering around in the shady forest tracks we got to the slime filled pond. Dylan wasn't sure immediately whether he wanted to go in so took to barking at the pond for a while and running around the outside. Eventually he found a bit of bank in the most slime filled area and dropped right into the water (if you can call it that). He loved it!

Later, after a good run around in the dip of the Dyke, we came back home where I fashioned a 'poor dogs version' of a paddling pool to wash off the slime and help him cool off. An old cardboard box and ikea bag will do nicely I thought. Filled it up and he was straight in! You can see the results below. I don't think he approves of ikea....off to Freecycle to see if anyone has an old paddling pool to get us through the summer!

June 28, 2009

Driftwood Days

Dylan met a new friend at the park yesterday- a lovely little miniature schnauzer called Oscar. Also 4 months old and a very good match for puppy wrestling.

Just to prove that he is back to his energetic self, Dylan decided to demonstrate his strength by carrying around a piece of driftwood bigger than himself at the beach this morning. That little pupster has determination! He also had a major seaweed craving today. Still, it beats the fish eggs. No wonder he got sick last week ...he's a walking hoover and would clean up the whole beach if we let him.

After more fun and frolics in the very hot sun , Dylan plonked himself down on the living room rug and has lain there all afternoon, only rising for food, water and chicken stock ice cubes (the Magnums of the puppy world). What a life.

June 26, 2009

Back on air

We have been 'off air' for a couple of days as poor little Dylan got very sick on Wednesday. He had his final immunisation on Tuesday and I don't know if it was that or one of his plant eating episodes but he just couldn't keep any food down and gave us all a big scare. I'm pleased to say he has now made a complete recovery, is eating like there's no tomorrow and, if it's possible, is more naughty than ever....I have a frayed stair carpet to prove it, not to mention a completely shredded local paper put through the letterbox not 10 minutes ago.
Dylan had a great time last night rolling around in fluffy blossom from the trees and playing football at the rugby ground (is that in breach of a rugby by-law?).

There has been little practice for puppy school tonight as a result of his illness- I'm dreading it and fear we may be given 100 lines...

I will do my puppy homework
I will do my puppy homework
I will do my puppy homework

June 22, 2009

Pink Pig, Mad Dog

Dylan has a new toy. It's always a riot when we get him something new.... here's a taster of what he's like. Can't wait for Xmas!

June 20, 2009

Dylan goes North

We went to see my mam for her birthday this week up in the North East. What a glorious sunny weekend it was and Dylan had lots of fun and frolics on the local beach, running around in the sand like a crazy thing. He's only ever seen a pebble beach before! We were so lucky with the weather and super photographer Kev was there too so I actually feature in a picture or two! (Note to self... must teach Dylan how to take snapshots. Wonder if it's on the puppy school curriculum?)

Dylan took a real shine to my mam - think it might be something to do with her trip to the local butcher's to get him some lovely bones.....he seems to feel like a 'proper dog' when he has a bone and struts around with bits of gristle and marrowbone stuck to his fluffy legs. He also took to squeezing himself into any spot near mam's favourite chair and contorted himself into all kinds of positions before napping contentedly at her feet whenever he got the chance.

Thanks Mam - we all had a brilliant weekend !

June 16, 2009

Lab V Welshy - Round 3 'The Final'

Oh and he's done it ! The little scamp goes in for the pin-down and wins a clear surrender from the lily-livered lab.

Dynamo Dylan is the winner of the 2009 Puppy Wrestler Cup !

Lab V Welshy - Round 2

He's fighting back.... the little scamp's 'killer jump' throws his opponent. There's nothing between these little pupsters now .....it's going to be a fantastic final!

Lab V Welshy - Round 1

Welcome to the Puppy Wrestling Tournament 2009. Coming to you from Puppy Park Brighton on a beautiful day with our 2 competitors raring to go!

Round 1
Lab uses brute force and body weight to pin down the little scamp but surely there's more to come from this plucky little terrier....


We had a barbecue in the garden last night. Dylan missed out at the time as he was fast asleep but has been steadfast at his post ever since
"Now where are those sausages....?"

June 14, 2009

New Best Friend

Chris and little Dan came to visit us from Manchester this weekend. For once, Chris managed not to bring drizzly rain down with him and we've had a fantastic weekend on the beach. Dylan loved having a little playmate all weekend and the naughty puppy has completely tired himself out running around, chasing bubbles (and Dan!) and doing a bit of sea paddling. If you look carefully at the bottom right corner on the video below you'll see our little salty sea dog making a very professional quick exit as soon as he comes close to the deeper water.... he's in plenty of deep water most days already!

It's 7.30pm now and Dylan is sitting here looking all forlorn at the loss of his new best friend and pottering around the house checking to see if Dan is still here. His ears are clagged up with chicken bubble soap and his little legs more scraggy than usual from all that salt water. Looks like we'll have to take the little fella up North for a visit soon and put the 'smile' back on his face.

THANK YOU DAN ...for being so kind to little Dylan and and giving him the best weekend he's had in ages- We'll get some more bubbles in for your next visit!

June 10, 2009

New Gear

Having lost Dylan's black puppy lead for about the 100th time yesterday, off we popped to the pet shop to get him measured up for a new collar and lead . He was cool as a cucumber while the shop lady measured us up but has done nothing but try and eat his new lead ever since. Collar working a treat though and sets off Dylan's roguish scruffbag looks well! Quite jaunty in fact.

Don't be fooled by these photos- I had to take about 45 pictures to get these as he's jumping about the kitchen like zebedee tonight but doesn't want to go out in the rain. Off to the park we go.... must not give in!

June 07, 2009

He's a baby

I took Dylan to the park last night for his final walk of the day. There was a big gang of teenager girls going past and they all became very excited gathering around Dylan shouting "here's a puppy"and "he's a baby, he's a baby!" at the top of their voices much to Dylan's excitement.

I carried on trying to drag Dylan past and it was only when I finally got away and saw what he had in his mouth that it all began to make sense!

The little scavenger is inseparable from his latest treasure - I fear it won't last the afternoon...

June 05, 2009

Beach Dog

Another walk at the beach today. It's so beautiful down there first thing and Dylan can run to his hearts content amongst the pebbles then do his 'jungle dog' impression in the coastal plants afterwards. Then of course, it's back for his morning nap !

June 02, 2009

Dylan meets Dooley

We've had such a lovely day- Karen and her gorgeous grown up Welsh Terrier, Dooley, came to visit and we spent the day at the park. Dooley used to be little rascal like Dylan when he was a pup but is now a completely mellow and lovely dog - there is hope for Dylan yet! It was wonderful to see them playing together and Dooley even got quite protective, giving any other dog who gave Dylan a hard time a little swipe with his elegant paws. Dylan learnt lots from his new 'big brother' - sadly one thing was how to run up the stairs at home .... but in Dylan's case he doesn't know how to get down!  Another stairgate on the way!
Thanks Karen for coming to see us and sharing all your tips. And thanks to Dooley for putting up with all the ear pulling and toy stealing!