July 31, 2009


It was my birthday today and Dylan and I went for a walk on the South Downs. Dylan was in his element and very excited to see his first sheep close up. Here is is surveying the rolling hills. Sadly the trip was cut short when he decided to roll in something unmentionable. Happy birthday to me!

July 29, 2009

Mother and Son

We visited Dylan's mum, Darcy, and family today in Hampshire. Dylan was good as gold as ever in the car with only the occasional squeak from his toy dinosaur to be heard. Once there, he had a crazy afternoon running around at 100 mph and causing havoc in his lovable Dylan Dog way. He really loved having so many people fussing around him and a whole house to explore. Puppy heaven.

Darcy looked really wonderful and has fully recovered from having all those naughty puppies running around a few months ago. She is such a chilled out dog. We were amazed to see that Dylan at 5 months is just about as tall as Darcy already...is it possible we've been sold an Airedale by mistake?

Darcy and Dylan had some good runs around the garden which was a joy to see. Unfortunately we had to cut this short when Dylan took a fancy to the chickens.... see the video. He may not ever have actually gone in for the chomp but he does love roast chicken and I fancy he caught a scent of it when he sniffed the feathered birds! All in all he had a wonderful time springing around his long lost 'first family' and chewing on everyone's ears at every opportunity. He even found time to run upstairs a couple of times in search of the family cats. Needless to say, the little pupster is now flat out in front of the TV and can't even find the energy to gnaw at his favourite rug!

Thanks Julie,Gordon ,Callum, Jessica and Darcy for a lovely visit - we hope to see you all again soon!

Video Bonanza....Dylan and the Chicken

1. Mother and son frolic in the garden

2. Dylan meets chicken....

3. Dylan thinks about eating chicken ....
(disclaimer: no chickens were hurt in the making of this film!)

4. How Dylan prefers his chicken .....
(photo only)

5. Darcy pretends Dylan isn't there ...

July 28, 2009

Let sleeping dogs...

What is Dylan dreaming about? Something that involves waggling one leg in the air it seems....answers on a postcard please!

July 23, 2009

New Bed

Dylan's new bed arrived this morning. His own cushy 'sofa' to sit in while we are lounging on ours. I think it's a hit so far ....let's see if it will outlive teething!

July 22, 2009

Bath and Brush Up

Dylan had a visit to a groomer today in Eastbourne. We're going to be taking him to a Welsh Terrier specialist in Hampshire in a couple of months for his very first 'strip' but I thought it was an idea to get him used to being 'on the table' before we go down there. A big day out.

Step 1
A train commute to Eastbourne. This was Dylan's longest train journey yet. Half way there he caught a peek out of the window and suddenly realised we were moving very fast. It took 3 chew sticks and a peanut butter stuffed Kong to settle him down but we made it without major incident!
Step 2
Into the grooming bath. Dylan wasn't keen at first but was soon splashing around! I then left him for an hour to be pampered. Apparently, he wasn't so very keen on the pampering and gave the groomer a hard time. Little terror hates his legs being brushed!

Step 3
Our little terrier came out of the groomers looking proud as punch with his little fluffed up face and legs. He looked a bit frazzled by the hairdryer to me but he seemed to like it and pottered down the road proud as punch on the way to the train station (see video below)

Step 4
Flat out asleep with his recently be-headed rubber chicken. It's been a very long day for a little Welsh pupster.

July 20, 2009

Sunny Days

We went to the copse for a walk this morning. Here he is before we set off ...perfect pose. It's not really the camera he's looking at but a piece of sausage in my hand above it!

So sunny again today and Dylan had a great time running around in the grass. He loves open space. I think it's so he can keep an eye out for other dogs on the horizon and make a beeline for them before I grab his lead. Today he was squashed during an all out wrestle with a boisterous labrador. No photos. It was too humiliating for him.

July 15, 2009

'Good Citizen' Shocks Owner in Garden Rampage Incident!

This teething malarkey seems to be driving Dylan berserk. I've done nothing but chase him around the house all day removing his teeth from various forbidden objects (most teeth still attached to his gums...for now!)

Here he is on his favourite chair but in a new mischief making pose. Luckily I hadn't planted up the hanging baskets this year. The ancient clematis has also taken a hammering and it's trunk is scattered all over the garden. I'm sure there will be more to come.
Look at that innocent face....

P.S. I know I shouldn't be taking photos when he's naughty but you do have to laugh!

July 11, 2009

Good Citizen?

Dylan was awarded his Puppy Foundation Good Citizen Award at Puppy School last night. Doesn't it make you proud!

July 06, 2009

Windy Day

Dylan has just about destroyed his little foam football now so, until we can find another, it's tennis balls only. He's shown no interest in these in the past but maybe the little fella is growing up because today he just couldn't get enough of them. He loves chasing balls and running away naughtily rather than doing a traditional 'fetch' and 'drop it'. It's a great way of controlling him though as he potters around with the ball then can't resist running back to us to show his treasure before diving off again every few minutes. It was so windy today his little ears were like weather vanes.

Recall training is coming on. Look at this effort in the video.... proof that he can do it even though he chooses not to at puppy school!

July 02, 2009

Paddling Pool - Mark II

No paddling pools available on freecycle yet so Dylan got a Mark II version of a fake pool today- an underbed storage box this time - much more successful I think!