June 29, 2011

Ode to a Frisby

Oh my sandy frisby,
How much do I love thee
You are so pink, rubbery and tough
Whenever I see you I go "wuff wuff wuff"

June 27, 2011

Three Go Mad in Cornwall

I could get used to holidays - no chores to do, no birds to bark at, cats to chase or toys to de-squeak. Just pure lazy dog bliss in my new kennelmansions....

First I get my morning cuppa served up

Then it's off to the beach.....

to play with my friends...

 Humour the staff

 Have a quick game of tennis...

And a cappucino

Then home for a nap...


June 26, 2011

Holiday Views

Great views from the holiday cottage in Cornwall

I think I can see a cat surfing ....

June 25, 2011

My friend Peggy

This is my new friend Peggy - she's a black lab with a trim waistline - or she did have

BUT this morning she got into trouble cos while the staff were in the shower she got up on the bench and ate a whole 3/4 of a loaf of bread .... Organic at that

She's definitely in the dog house and I'm keeping a low profile in case I get in trouble by association! Oh Peggy , you're belly is expanding by the second you silly old girl!
Next time, only get up there if it's a big juicy steak! now that is worth a day in the doghouse!

June 24, 2011

Royal Treatment

I've spent a few days in Bath getting top notch treatment - here's me in my makeshift feather bed ... this is the life

June 05, 2011

Terrier Olympics

The staff are a bit disappointed that they didn't get Olympics tickets so I thought I'd show them you don't need to go to London to see some jaw dropping sporting achievements...

100 Metre record attempt

2nd Attempt

Terrier Triathlon  
(Standing--> Weeing--> Swimming with Swans

Cross Country

Phew - I'm worn out now!

Did I win anything?

June 03, 2011

Hippopotamus Days

Phew it was sunny and hot hot hot today. I went up to have a drink from my favourite mill pond and guess what...it had turned into a mud bath !  It looked just like one of those places I've seen big Hippo-pot-a-puppys roll about in on telly. 

Well, you know what they say....when in Rome....

You've got to love the South Downs....

This green water tastes LOVELY!

Now hold on a minute there staff...I don't like that look in your eye.... I know EXACTLY how to get this mud off....no worries...works every time. No really....I can do this....there's no need to run a bath...

Right, that's me clean then.... told you I could do it!

Uh oh......THREE baths later!  

But it was WORTH IT !