August 29, 2010

Sunny Days

A sunny day today ! The kind of day you can spend hours just...






Ah, I love the summer!

August 27, 2010

Playing Chicken

No...not those feathery yummies you fool, the kind where you risk life and limb for the thrill of it. Well in my case, I was more risking a foam ball but you know what I mean. You don't? Well listen carefully, then I'll begin....

Once upon a time, one of the staff was feeling stressed-out cos of that weird black box she stares at all day. So me being a good little terrier, I decided to take her to the beach for a walk to clear her head. And what's more the windy nights had thrown up some good seaweed to chew on so I was dying to get down there. I love that stuff - don't half make me thirsty though.

Right on to 'playing chicken'. Here's how it goes.....

First, make sure you know how to get the ball out of the sea when it goes in and you've got a strong enough stomach to stand the yukky salty water when the big waves come right up close...

Then... practice practice practice ....the secret is just to pick the ball off the ground at exactly the right time. See me here - I grab it with my action hero moves just before the waves whoosh a load of salt up my puppy nose

Then when you've got your technique just right, you can move on to the tough stuff like me - here I am in deep water (again!)

Now what happened next was not exactly what I was aiming for ....

Oh blimey - it's like re-living history!  I wasn't very happy about these events but I took it in my stride and worked out my plan. 

My staff were too busy putting that darn lead on me to get this bit on the movie-o, but what I did was barked really loud at the sea for a few minutes...then.... guess what ? The sea spat my little ball right back up on the beach! 

Boy was I happy! I wasn't taking any chances after that - me and my foam ball ran home as fast as my little legs could carry me. 

So learn your lesson from me little fellow pupsters - it's fun to play chicken but be careful of that big wet sea- it likes to nick dog toys!

August 26, 2010

Dylan hits the big time

Dylan on the Downs, originally uploaded by susank66.
One of Dylan's many 'style shots' has been picked up by Schmap - he is now featured on the Schmap guide to Brighton on the South Downs Page

Click here for Schmap Guide to Brighton

I think he is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to live with !

August 23, 2010

Stormy Weather

Gor blimey , the sky didn't half throw down wet stuff last night - woke me up howling at 5am it did. Would you believe it, the staff were still asleep 'til I woke them. That'll teach them. They should be out and about at dawn foraging for fresh food for me. Maybe a couple of fish heads off the beach.

Speaking of beach - I insisted on going down there as soon as the rain stopped. Not sure it was a good idea now. Wind nearly blew my little square dog legs off!

I can't see a thing through this moustache

What happened to my ears? 

Storm clouds gather

By jove, that was a big wave!

Keeping my distance

Is there a windbreak round here somewhere?

The wind's made my ear match my tail!

Look at those waves!

I'm off  !

Wake me when the sun comes back out

August 20, 2010

Dylan & Eddie Go Mad in the Garden

My new best puppy-pal Eddie came over today

Boy did we have fun. That little furry wonder was desperate to get his little puppy teeth on my toys but I ran REALLY fast (and now and again gave him one of my special 'bottom shoves' to put him off ). The staff took turns taking movie pictures and chasing us about. Well, at least it tires them out. They should sleep well tonight.

Oh we had fun fun fun .....can he come again soon please mum ....pleassssssseeeee!

Eddie's staff member was especially good with the camera - I think she caught our best side here...

August 18, 2010

I'm not scared of the sea.... much

Another sunny day so thought I'd take my haircut down the prom so lots of hoomans could admire me. Worked too....itook ages just to get down there while I attracted lots of attention and jumped all over lots of passing strangers. Not sure why staff keep shouting 'OFF' when I'm just being friendly to hoomans by leaping at legs....ok so I nearly knock over one of two of those little ones - that's just part of the fun!

I love love love the beach!

Here's me with my big doggy pal - darn thing shook water all over me so I had to have a good shake back !

Truth be told, I'm fascinated by that big blue sea but a little bit scared of the waves - I found myself a good old perch today to keep out of the way. Still gave me a shock now and again though!

August 17, 2010

I've been strippered!

Heavens to murgatroyd.... look at me!  One afternoon with Joan 'the Stripper' chasing me around with a big trimming tool and I suddenly look like a Welsh Terrier again. She's even polished my little paw pads. I've been enjoying my little woolly disguise but it was getting a bit hot around here so something had to be done- it's Sussex not Wales you know.

 ...a bit hot around the collar

...back to a lean mean rabbiting machine

August 16, 2010

Woofus Wainwright - Playing my Piano

We stayed at some of the staffs' friends yesterday and they had a big noisy wooden box with weird black and white bits on it - think they called it a pee-ano or something. Anyway, after my staff had finished banging away at it, I had a bit of a go myself. Not bad either. I might even do a show at Pup Aid if they have the right kind of security to keep a star of my calibre safe from the hoi polloi...

Thanks to Sally for her tolerance over the piano and for providing the perfect pun!

August 14, 2010

How to hide things from the staff

Ah, now , this is a message just for my doggy buddies. NO HOOMANS ALLOWED!

That's better. Well, I was given a bone yesterday from the lovely butcher stripy apron man down the road. Thing is, I'd already been gorging myself on leftover lamb so there was no way I could fit it in my full little terrier belly. So what I did was worked out how to hide the little 'white wonder' from the staff in case they saw I hadn't eaten it and threw it away

Here's how I did it. It's not easy burying things indoors, but I think I found a way. Pay attention my young apprentices...that the bone in the top left hand area of my bed

Job done!


August 13, 2010

Close Encounters of the Dylan Kind

Click HERE to see my latest Movie.... got to run. Off to the Montreal Film Festival dahhlling...

August 12, 2010

Now I had the time of my life...

Loving Life !, originally uploaded by susank66.
Ah, here I am finally off lead after DAYS of walking on the lead. Just cos I keep running after dogs and trying to leave the park with their owners, shouldn't mean I have to pound pavements for days!

Shame my staff didn't get her camera out quicker. If she had you would have seen me scattering a big gang of those white rabbits with wings I keep seeing down the beach. Not sure about those big beaks but they soon fly off when I go running over. Can you hear my feet plopping through the water? They got all clogged up with sandy cement stuff & I had to go in the bath AGAIN when I got back. Not impressed.

August 11, 2010

Someone's been making models of me- spooky!

Welsh Terrier, originally uploaded by DeeplyFeltCreations.

 I found this on Flickr - must get myself a 'Mini Me' as soon as possible...

August 05, 2010

Dylan, Jody & the Great Duck Caper

I nicked a furry duckster off my new friend Jody yesterday - she was very determined to get it back. Look at that little diva go!  Don't think she counted on my super speed and clever half-turns! 

August 03, 2010

Darn it

My instincts were right ....I tried to get away but I just wasn't quick enough ....horrible warm bubbly baths.

I'm hanging on to this ball - if she puts me in again I'm using it as a float!

Sunny August Frolics

Off to the Recreation ground today in blazing sunshine- this heat is too much for a little Welsh lad to bear but I was off lead so I had to get in as many bunny hops as I could....

Here's me doing my 'Obedience Special' - just enough to get mum off her guard then see that man in blue walking along in the background ? Seconds after the below I ran into him like a bullet and got him to spill that stinky smelling hooman beer all over himself. Ha ha.  Mum didn't take a video of that bit. Can't think why?

P.S.  I noticed mum taping up the hole in the dog bath today- I'm going to have to write this quickly then hide under a chair in case she tries and puts me in it ....HATE baths!

August 02, 2010

Dylan Cam

The hoomans were having a birthday treat today so I've taken over the blog to give them a rest - a new HD version camera arrived first thing...and a  rugged one too - I think that's cos mum broke her last one when she fell flat on her face in the river trying to get me to put a toe in the water - some days I just don't fancy a dip.

Anyway , it was a bright and early start and then after a quick run around the park....they left me! Off to see some movie or other at the Odeon so they said. All I got was this:

Not impressed.

Then we were off to the train I don't know if you know this, but I'm not a fan of the iron horse....I can just about manage being on them but climbing on while some loud human shouts 'mind the gap' is just not my cup of tea. BUT it was mum's birthday so I trotted on today without protest. 

It wasn't so bad after all. But I still slung the brakes on when it came to the return journey. Force of habit.

I like to look out of the window on the train .
 Here's my birds eye view of what it's like for a pooch off on the train 


We finally arrived at some little Hassocks Town - from there a quick stop at the pet shop and then off for a ramble before coming home. 

Nice but I would rather be off lead chasing dogs and rugby balls. Ah well, can't have it all. At least when I got home I managed to find some mischief.

Mmmmmm....BEETROOT !

The hoomans said it looked like a scene from Aliens  !