July 25, 2010

Dylan at Ditchling - Antics with Sticks

And so it begins - the tale of two sticks

The big race: Welsh V Small Human ....Welsh wins

The big fight: Welsh V Collie...Welsh wins

(Postscript: seconds later, clever collie sneaks over and takes the stick back back - this part of the film remains unpublished to maintain Dylan's pride.

July 23, 2010

Dylan's first Camping Trip

We had some time off this week so decided to take Dylan on his first 'try out' camping trip at WoWo and test run our new tent into the bargain. Both were a stunning success and we had a fantastic time (other than a puncture in the lilo !)

This is our lovely forest glade camping spot - in amongst the yurts and plenty of room for dog frolics, picnics, river paddling and campfire cooking

Surrounded by lovely open fields

Dylan explores the river

Man and dog have a late afternoon nap

Dylan's Very Own Tent

Late in the afternoon we heard the unmistakeable sound of a hot air balloon coming down in the field right next to us- amazing!

Campfire cooking- we don't do things by halves ...flame grilled steak, new potatoes, mushrooms and tomatoes. And a little steak dinner for the little fella got the seal of approval too!

A spooky Dylan 'White Eye' Dog keeps guard in the tent bedroom

Dylan goes forth

Indoors or Outdoors , Dylan is VERY possessive of his squeaky tennis ball!

Stealth warrior stick grab

Dylan keeps an eye on Kev's tent pegging technique

July 04, 2010

4th July - Blue Sky

Fantastic day on the beach....the pictures tell it all !

Watching the kites

Just chewing a cheroot

Kissing Kev

Let me at that big yellow thing !

Just chilling in the sun

July 02, 2010

Dylan on the Downs

July has arrived and what a beautiful day! Up to the South Downs we went this morning. It was a long old walk getting past the multitude of sheep and rabbit droppings going to the first hill, but once we were up there Dylan became a model citizen. Just look at him in the videos below. It's amazing what a hot fur coat and a bit of sunshine will do to a boisterous little Welsh fella.

We had a lovely walk and Dylan and I met Lola a lovely rescue dog from a local village with one of her staff. They invited us to the annual village Summer Fayre this year and suggested Dylan be entered into the dog show! I'm not sure they know what they would be letting themselves in for!