June 30, 2010

When Dylan Met Eddie

Dylan met his new puppy friend Eddie today:

Eddie is only around 8 weeks old and has just landed in his fabulous new home around the corner from us - he's absolutely gorgeous. The pair of them had a good old run around before settling down to eat chewsticks.

If only it were always this peaceful !
...I turned the sound off ; )

June 29, 2010

River Adventures

Sorry for neglecting the dog blog! It's been a really busy few weeks with my being away in Devon then the fact that my camera is being very 'temperamental' - Dylan is feeling unhappy that he has slipped out of the limelight. He always hoped to be famous for more than 15 minutes.

Here he is out on one of our Adur Adventures on a beautiful sunny day a couple of weeks ago.

Casey Jones AKA Dylan the Steam

"Pass the Treats, I'm starving!"

Swan Watching

Come on in, the water's lovely !

Does this count as 'bait digging?'

Just paddling...

"Sometimes I feel my life is just going around in circles ...."

"But then, once in a while, I find a STICK! "

Energy Slump...