October 30, 2009

Dylan on Set

I took Dylan for a walk along the seafront today and we wandered into a film step. The beach huts were all done up 60's style and there was a vintage ice cream fan in the prom - rumour has it that they were filming some scenes for the remake of Brighton Rock with Helen Mirren .We were a little too late to see anyone famous, but Dylan did enjoy running around on the set and posing for photos...I think he was hoping to be talent spotted.

Staring out to sea

'Playing my piano.....'

October 26, 2009

Fully Recovered!

For all of you worrying out there, Dylan is completely recovered from his op and returned to his usual '100miles per hour or nothing' pupster self- I thought they said neutering calmed them down?

October 19, 2009

Spaceman Dylan

I came downstairs this morning to find Dylan sitting in his crate with his pants in his mouth...time for the spaceman helmet!

October 17, 2009


Like many men, Dylan has been chilling out in front of the TV most of today in his pants. He especially enjoys a bit of Dog Whisperer in the afternoon...

October 15, 2009

Post-Op Purple Pants

Poor little Dylan Dog was neutered today. The vet was lovely and adores the little fella so he was in very safe hands. He came out of the operation fine - a little woozy then slept for a few hours before waking up at 10pm and whining the whole night, completely disoriented. It's a big deal for a little puppy boy but I'm sure he will be back to normal soon and tearing around the place once more. I bought him a 'get well soon' squeaky toy and he managed to chew the ears off it immediately - I think that's a good sign.

Our vet doesn't like to use the 'lampshade-head' apparatus for dogs unless she absolutely has to so sent me off to buy some children's boxer shorts for the little pupster this afternoon! They cover the wound and are meant to stop him licking at it. I'm not sure Dylan is impressed with this new look- I could only find purple 'Hannah Montana' ones to fit him - I think he would have much preferred 'Ben 10s'.

October 12, 2009

Salty Sea Dog

Dylan is beginning to lose his fear of the sea. Here he is playing obliviously while we get ready to grab the long lead if the surf catches up with him!

October 10, 2009

Fox Terrier Fun Walk

Dylan had a mad morning hanging about at Brighton Marina with zillions of wire haired fox terriers on their annual walk - with a few extra special guest Welsh Terriers (I also saw a Labrador sneak in but everyone was too polite to mention it! ). Although Kev and I bowed out of the walk, we couldn't miss the photo opportunity and chance to meet lots of little Welsh fluffy fellas !

Here are the Wires...

And there's not as many (and not half as organised) but here are the Welsh.....

Dylan took a particular fancy to a lovely little Welsh Terrier called Daisy. Good wrestling partner even though Dylan does look a bit like Godzilla..

And here's his little Wire Haired friend...

And here he is going in for a punch with an irish terrier who had invaded the pitch.
"If your names not down, your not coming in...."

And finally, a happy Dylan at the end of his adventure....

October 03, 2009

Crocodile Teeth

With continued vet 'reminders' coming in thick and fast, I tried again to get Dylan used to the occasional teeth clean this morning. There was progress as Dylan has decided he likes the 'new and improved, chicken flavoured, vet formulated, enzyme filled, makes labradoodles seem cheap' doggy toothpaste. I'm not sure going for the electric toothbrush was a good idea though...

October 02, 2009

Hearth Dog

Dylan has decided he likes the look of those dogs all curled up on the fireplace as winter draws near. He tried the hearth out in my study today ..... shame it's a non working fireplace. Who's going to tell him?

October 01, 2009

What Dylan thinks of photos

I made it to the post before Dylan today so no chewed letters or mangled envelopes....or so I thought. After popping into my study I half heard a quiet 'thud' coming from the kitchen. Stupidly I didn't go and investigate straight away. When I did just minutes later, I found Dylan had helped himself to the letters from on top of the the kitchen table, found the pack of freshly printed photographs of himself and proceeded to attack them. He tried to cut himself out of this one. Perhaps he didn't like the submissive pose...