December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas & Goodwill to all Dogsters, their families and friends!

It's CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!

He looks happy

 Oh no....not this blooming jinglebell hat again!

Cor....looks at this brekkers - smoked salmon and scramblos for me! I love Crimbo....

I got all my presents at last - I ran so fast that the staff didn't even get one photy that didn't blur ha ha !

Here I am on the move....

Merry Xmas to one and all ! 
(oh, and the staff too)

December 19, 2010

Trees, baubles, trouble

What on earth is this tree doing in my house?
Still it's got a lovely bowl of water underneath it.  Oy ...stop shouting at me... I'm only having a drink! 

Bleurghhh.....pine needles stuck to my tongue

Why is he sticking sparkly dog chewy toys all over the tree?

I'd better investigate....

Oops- busted! 

December 14, 2010

Cosy Winter Nights

The Staff said it was going to get super cold again today. I don't know what they are talking about...

 It's toasty!

Here's my python impression

What's everyone staring at?

December 07, 2010

Dylan and Eddi go mad in Hove

Here's me and the Edster sitting nicely for the staff - only 'cos she was dangling liver cake above the camera! Me and Eds had a fab day though .....all of my favourite things!

Hanging Out

Chewing Chewsticks ( but best keep to my own in future!)


Cor blimey....I'm shattered now. Can he come back tomorrow? 

December 02, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow-oh !

Wooohoooo- the fluffy white stuff is back ! Just like last year

"I wasn't too sure at first ...... go carefully my boy I said - it's all white out there! But then I dug right in!"

"Bit cold on the old schnozzle though! and then the stupid staff went and locked me out there! Their idea of a joke I assume..."

"I got my own back though ...kicked up so much ruckus that eventually they had to get my old lead on and I  could do my husky impression to drag them up the hill to the park"

"Come on then, throw me a snowball !"

" There's one. Now where's it gone?"

"I know it's here somewhere....."

"Oh darn it, there it is - stuck to my teddy bear legs!"

"That is it- I'm going home!"

"Don't just stand there - bring hot towels!"

December 01, 2010

One way to avoid snow bobbles...

Look at my friend Dolly getting ready to go out today - wish my staff were more on the ball !

"Remember my name....FAME ....I''m going to live forever, I'm going to learn how to fly ( and catch birds in my gnashers)... FAME!

November 20, 2010

Say Cheese

I don't know why the staff were so darn interested in me and my new toy today.Here I am trying to get a bit of peace and quiet with the Furrbly PinkSqueak thing I found on the kitchen floor ...but all I get is one of my staff flashing away with her camerabob all afternoon like there's no tomorrow. I'll never understand hoomans. Ah well, back to business...

The the the the that's all folks!

November 14, 2010

Dylan and the Giant Weeble

New Toy , New Toy, New Toy ............WOOF WOOF!

Treats inside ! Even better. Must go - got to keep pushing the Red Weeble around in case I missed any!

November 07, 2010

All Day Play!

What a  great weekend- my new pals Harvey and Maddy came all the way down from the North to see me (well, they said something about a 'family do' but we ALL know the real reason they came South!). H & M PointerLabbys are just pupsters at 8 months old but they are bigger than me already - they might get to be real live giants when they grow up! Here they are- their coats are so glossy they made the staff-cam go all  funny - ha ha!

We went for a really long walk with my two staff and their pinky friend,Sally- I think they were very glad to only have 1 of us each. Those Pointers can pull and I'm not bad either given half the chance.

 Once the staff got tired we all went off to the pub and a lovely man gave me loads of biscuits. I love Saturday afternoon in the pub and after a walk down the prom. Here's us dogs with one of the staff - this was just before we tipped over the table...only joking (we tried but it was too heavy!)

Then we all went back to my house and had bones! Here's me and Maddy having a good chew on ours

Then here's me just having a little look to see if I can get me another bone.... from right under Maddy's nose ... who wouldn't?

And here's what happened next!

But we were all friends again in the end! 

 Thanks for coming to see me H & M  PointerLabbys - I'm going to get my little winter scarf out and come and see up north just as soon as I can ! 

November 05, 2010

"Dylans for Sale"

My tribute to the furry mop hoomans from Liverpool and their album cover "Beatles for Sale" - is it me or is there a family resemblance? I always knew I  was meant to be famous......

PS: Special thanks to my Welshy friend Arthur and his staff from WELTAF for pointing out the resemblance!

November 03, 2010

Chicken Licking Good

Oh it's been stressful in here alright. Those dusty builder men have left big holes in the windows and I'm sooo cold in my little dog bed that I can't even type me blog! Sorry everyone but I hope you understand. I'm thinking of sending my doggy pals round to the dusty's house to bark at him loud til he fixes the darn things. 

Still there was EXCELLENT happenings today - the staff took pity on me and made up some chicken liver cake - chicken liver cake!!!!! Have you had it ? Loads of lovely liver and egg and floury stuff baked into a special doggy cake. I knew something was happening when the smell of cooking liver woke me up from my puppy nap...

I tried to open the door to the 'hotbox' but I couldn't get a grip on it. The staff shouted at me for trying! Cheek. 

When it did come out I didn't even get any. Had to sit there for ages smelling lovely liver smells without even a teensy bit coming my way! 

I got my feast eventually though. I spotted the staff putting some in a bag in their pocket before we went to the park so I did my 'best recall' just so I could get hold of some of that stuff. It was worth the wait. I was as as well behaved as a labrador with cheese on it's nose I can tell you! Oh the memories are making my little puppy mouth water. 

Can't wait til tomorrow .... do you think there's any left??? I think I'll keep guard here just in case....

October 07, 2010

My Family

Ah at last, the staff have found time to help me get me latest shots for the family album up on the dogblog...

Me, my mum and my bruv Hudson had a terrier gathering with out 'first family' in Hampshire a couple of weeks back. Oh boy, I love that garden! Lots of adventures -I remember the day when I was less than 7 weeks old and managed to unclick a little kitty door and get myself free from my bruvs and sis. What a day!
And then there was another time when I visited when I got a chickadee right in my old gnashers

And here I am again seeing my brother Hudson for the very first time since we left our 'first family'. Look at this fella....

Yeah, I know. Looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth...but guess what?  He's just like me! 

Loves the camera ....

And LOVES going crazy in gardens ....

Here's our mum Darcy keeping an eye on us too!

It wasn't all fun though. Me and my bruv didn't reall impress mum when we started to nick all of her toys....

Cor....have you ever seen so many fluffy things waiting to have their stuffing taken out? This is going to take AGES!

My and my bruv started fighting over our favourites...

He's a strong puppy boy!

But I won of course!

We left a bit of a mess behind....

But I think Mum will forgive us. Boys will be boys !

Me, Hudson and Mum say THANKS TO OUR STAFF for letting us have such a fantastic day ! And ahem..... me and Hudson are sorry for our noisy scrapping. It's just our terrier-tastic way!

Hope we can all get together again soon !

October 06, 2010

Dylan goes to Dorset

Here I am with more tales of my fab "holidays with hoomans". We took the orange tin kennel to somewhere called Dogset...I mean Dorset...something like that anyway. Here's me with all my new country pooch friends...

bit of a smooch with this lovely pooch

this little sausage was very shy 

<This video is for Emma who is missing her little daschund back in the Caymans- Hi Emma! >

this one was even shyer ...didn't move a muscle for the whole time I was there. Weirdo.

When we got to Swanage the staff got very out of hand. First they tried me walk up rickety old pier steps. I mean I could see the sea through 'em! NO WAY!

And THEN...... well have a look at what the they made me do next  - so embarrassing! There was nothing I could do to stop them honest. I was unceremoniously swept of my feet and then they had the nerve to poke my head through a big hole. I'm thinking of sacking them. Someone should tell 'em I'm not just there as an object of entertainment!!

I was pleased to get on the road to see my old mum in Hampshire after that . What a time we had... and my little brother Hudson was there too.... more next time!

September 29, 2010

Camper Van Dylan

Have you missed me??? Me and my staff took 3 weeks off while dusty men hoomans wrecked our house but we're back now (I think the dusty hoomans have been on holiday too cos it's exactly the same as when we left and I still get to sleep in the bedroom for a few more weeks-yipee!)

Guess what those idiot hoomans did ....Made us sleep in a big orange tin kennel on wheels for days and days! I can't believe them sometimes though I must admit I liked life on the road. At least my little puppy bed was free from dust for a few days and we saw sooooooooo many people on our adventures including my mum and my fluffy bruv. More on our adventures later but here's a start...

This is where you pick up your tin kennel on wheels. Here's ours- the orange pop top!

 No dogs allowed in this one....dogism!  I abhor it. 

I wanted to take this one but the staff said we couldn't fit all my dog toys in it (haven't they heard of a trailer?)

Here's my butler driving us to the New Forest. 

This Tin Kennel of ours is called 'Bart' 

My turn to drive - who went and closed the curtains?

Me and my Pop Top

Keeping watch is still important- even when you are in big tin kennel!

It's tiring this camping lark