March 26, 2010

Sun's Out...

And Dylan is back to his favourite resting place. Ah, it's going to be a long summer for this hardworking little pupster...

"Was that a bird? Oh never mind...Zzzzzzzzzzz "

March 25, 2010

Dylan in the Movies

Recognition at last for the little Welsh Ambassador ... but why do they keep saying he's Swedish?

March 22, 2010

Brothers in Arms

Dylan met his little brother Alfie today for the first time since we brought him home. Alfie and his 'staff' were visiting from the Midlands - what a treat for Dylan and a fantastic time was had by all !

Alfie is a gorgeous little fella and showed the little scrufster Dylan up with his perfect grooming. Oh dear - we've still got 6 weeks to Dylan's next strip session ... it's not going to be pretty! Where's that comb?

Here they are....

Kev bonds with Alfie.....Dylan looks on in disgust...

As expected , there was a lot of boxing and grappling between these 2 little terriers. Dylan was more of a 'heavyweight' at a full 4k heavier than Alfie (gulp!) but the little Alferama put up a proper fight in the 'knockouts' or 'pindowns' for Dylan today. Alfie is also a force to be reckoned with and must have remembered Dylan's antics from their litter days! A good old wrestle to warm them up on a freezing March day.

Thanks to Alfie and 'staff' for coming to see us-we look forward to catching up again !

March 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Dylan

It's Dylan's first birthday !

He's has an unusually mad day - all I can put it down to is an over-enthusiastic approach to his big day. Or maybe it was those orange fishy snacks he had last night.

Age 1 already......remind me, when do they calm down ????

And then he was 1 ...

Dylan posing on a veg plinth

Dylan and the Jog Dog
Have you ever seen a dog with such complete disinterest in another dog as this one? This little fella likes only to take his serene daily jog along the surf uninterrupted and simply ignores any distractions, including troublesome birthday boy welsh terriers trying to join in. I think Dylan found this very puzzling ...

Dylan and his birthday beach brawl with Mo the Dog

Dylan goes mad at the coast

Dylan's Birthday Pig

Dylan goes tunnelling

Happy Birthday Mr Dylan
(aka: Super Pooch)