December 20, 2011

And then there was a knock on the door...

And you won't believe what happened next....Mrs Lovely Curry Lady from the staff's favourite take-away was the one knocking....and this time she was knocking for me! 

She always lets me jump all over her so she's my bestest knock-on-the-door pal. And this time she had no curry cartons but a xmas card for little old pooch chops me instead!

I've never had a letter just for me before

And look what was inside.......

Hold on a minute... let me just investigate fully...

Lip licking good...

Mmmm....gravy bones

Merry Xmas everyone - and especially to my lovely Mrs Karim Curry Lady - she's the bestest pinkie in the world.  Can I go and live with her?

December 19, 2011

It's frosty!

Brrrrr..... my tootsies are cold, my beard is crispy and when I chased my ball my brakes didn't work...  looked like Scooby Doo on an ice rink. 

I LOVE winter! Now where's my snow?

November 03, 2011

Dylan in High Definition...err... Visibility

I'm not moving until you get me out of this thing. I can stand here just as long as you, you know.

Yep...I hope you're in for the long haul. I'm like Dylan the statue. If I move at all, I will do so sideways... in 'Dylan the crab' style....

Well....??? Do you give up yet?

Cor look at this...

I got a new bed ! what a turn up for the books. And there's me thinking I'm stuck forever in my stinky old corduroy one with no foam. I could do with a good bed- I'm EXHAUSTED after nicking a squeaky ball off a little dachshund in the park this morning. Hoomans seemed to love it. All ran around the park with me for 13 laps.

Now, I'll just try it out and....


October 18, 2011

Banksy Dylan

Graffiti Dog, originally uploaded by Susank66.

I'm WILD when I get hold of a spray can me.Bids via ebay please..

October 01, 2011

September 01, 2011

Taking my new haircut down to the beach

Don't I look gorgeous?

You rang?



Sure to be picked up by Terrier Vogue...

Oh no....which idiot put my collar on upside down?

Well I can kiss that modelling job goodbye now alright - thanks staff!

August 24, 2011


Here I am all trim and slim again after a date with Joan the Stripper yesterday! Oh I'm soooo glam. Even my little toenails are looking all shiny and posh.And don't even get me started on my dapper tail. 

I've still got a skinny leg but I'm on the up and up now dog fans - even brought the ball back for the staff today. Well they did look after me so I owe them something....though if they want the ball so much why do they keep throwing it away?

August 19, 2011

My Mum Darcy came to see me!

Oh boy, I feel so much better this week and guess good old mum dropped in to see me today!

Here she is - Darcy the Dog - mother of the famous Dylan the Dog.
 You can see where I get my good looks from eh?

Oh I love my mum.We had such a fantastic time in the park playing with her ball for HOURS (it's like mine but not chewed up)

but then we got a bit tired....

and soon after we conked out...
Well it was hot today innit?

Is was a GREAT day and my little leg feels all better.

Come again soon Mum (bring staff too - they are fun!)
Might see you when I get my haircut next week !
Dylan the Dutiful

August 15, 2011

The Deckchair Years

Phew, well I finally got them darn stitches out. Now it's just a matter of a bit more rest and recuperate. Easy when you know how....

Now if only....

I could.....

just get....


Ahhhh...that's it! 

Wake me when it's bone-o'clock

August 02, 2011

Watch out World -The Waggy Tail is back!

I'm feeling a lot better today. Off to vet tomorrow and going to plead with him to take these darn bits of cotton out of my little foot. Soooooo unbecoming.

July 29, 2011

Ahhhh....the Comfy Cone

Well, I'm still not allowed to chew my little chicken bone leg so I asked the staff to get out there and get me some better headgear. And here it is ...

Yes, it's still humiliating but at least with this one I can eat my chewsticks...

And it's SO comfy, I think I'll just lie down with little
SantyDog and ....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

July 27, 2011

Buzz-Ter Collar

My paw still hurts but I can just about type a little blog today. Thanks for all your well wishes doggy and bloggy pals. Nice to know you're all out there.

I've seen the vet again just now and my little leg is starting to heal.It's not as red as this photie so don't worry. That's when the bandage first came off.

I can have 4 x 5 minute walks a day now ..... progress at last! Can't wait to see my buddies outside.

Thing is I have to walk around looking like Buzz Lightyear for at least another week. Boooo!

Ah well .... "To Infinity and Beyond"

July 26, 2011


Hey everyone,
I'm still a bit poorly but my little matchstick leg is not hurting so much today. I managed to stay awake long enough to watch an episode of 'It's Me or the Dog' this morning- I don't know why those dogs listen to that Victoria Stillwell. I'd just ignore her. Still, it's a good show. Everyone likes a soap.

July 22, 2011

Poorly Dylan

Dylan's staff here - he says to tell you he's terribly sorry but he can't blog at the moment. Yet another injury with his little dew claw meant an operation today. He's doing well and looking forward to a quiet night in front of the 'Dog Whisperer' on telly and some lucozade . Best wishes, Susan, Chief Nurse and Dylan Carrier.

June 29, 2011

Ode to a Frisby

Oh my sandy frisby,
How much do I love thee
You are so pink, rubbery and tough
Whenever I see you I go "wuff wuff wuff"

June 27, 2011

Three Go Mad in Cornwall

I could get used to holidays - no chores to do, no birds to bark at, cats to chase or toys to de-squeak. Just pure lazy dog bliss in my new kennelmansions....

First I get my morning cuppa served up

Then it's off to the beach.....

to play with my friends...

 Humour the staff

 Have a quick game of tennis...

And a cappucino

Then home for a nap...