February 20, 2011

Sunday Shopping

Right, let's beat the queues and get out to buy in some lovely organic chicken wings while the world is still asleep.

Who knocked me trolley over?

February 19, 2011

I love Raw Hide but it goes straight to my....beard !

I got my snout all stuck up with bits of raw hide and my paws all muddy from rolling around in the park so I knew what was going to come next. The staff tried and tried to comb out me beard but it was like a crunchy ball of candy floss - ooh and it hurt too! So I reluctantly gave in and suggested a quick bubble bath!
Don't get me wrong puppy friends,I hated every minute of it - but oh don't I look a picture with my wet locks? And I got to play with quackduck after -It was ALMOST worth it!

February 12, 2011

North Sea Adventures

Oh boy oh boy - I LOVE going to Nanny's house cos I get to run run and run on the beach and there's never ever anyone about so I can go crazy zoomy with my new xmas frisbee without getting a telling off !

Look at meeeeeeee.........

February 03, 2011

Just Watching TV

Oh boy, I do love that Dog Whisperer ! I don't know why he keeps saying 'shhhh' though - it's not as if anyone is being noisy. Hoomans seem to have very sensitive ears. Hope I get a doggy jacuzzi one day