July 29, 2009

Mother and Son

We visited Dylan's mum, Darcy, and family today in Hampshire. Dylan was good as gold as ever in the car with only the occasional squeak from his toy dinosaur to be heard. Once there, he had a crazy afternoon running around at 100 mph and causing havoc in his lovable Dylan Dog way. He really loved having so many people fussing around him and a whole house to explore. Puppy heaven.

Darcy looked really wonderful and has fully recovered from having all those naughty puppies running around a few months ago. She is such a chilled out dog. We were amazed to see that Dylan at 5 months is just about as tall as Darcy already...is it possible we've been sold an Airedale by mistake?

Darcy and Dylan had some good runs around the garden which was a joy to see. Unfortunately we had to cut this short when Dylan took a fancy to the chickens.... see the video. He may not ever have actually gone in for the chomp but he does love roast chicken and I fancy he caught a scent of it when he sniffed the feathered birds! All in all he had a wonderful time springing around his long lost 'first family' and chewing on everyone's ears at every opportunity. He even found time to run upstairs a couple of times in search of the family cats. Needless to say, the little pupster is now flat out in front of the TV and can't even find the energy to gnaw at his favourite rug!

Thanks Julie,Gordon ,Callum, Jessica and Darcy for a lovely visit - we hope to see you all again soon!

Video Bonanza....Dylan and the Chicken

1. Mother and son frolic in the garden

2. Dylan meets chicken....

3. Dylan thinks about eating chicken ....
(disclaimer: no chickens were hurt in the making of this film!)

4. How Dylan prefers his chicken .....
(photo only)

5. Darcy pretends Dylan isn't there ...

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