October 06, 2010

Dylan goes to Dorset

Here I am with more tales of my fab "holidays with hoomans". We took the orange tin kennel to somewhere called Dogset...I mean Dorset...something like that anyway. Here's me with all my new country pooch friends...

bit of a smooch with this lovely pooch

this little sausage was very shy 

<This video is for Emma who is missing her little daschund back in the Caymans- Hi Emma! >

this one was even shyer ...didn't move a muscle for the whole time I was there. Weirdo.

When we got to Swanage the staff got very out of hand. First they tried me walk up rickety old pier steps. I mean I could see the sea through 'em! NO WAY!

And THEN...... well have a look at what the they made me do next  - so embarrassing! There was nothing I could do to stop them honest. I was unceremoniously swept of my feet and then they had the nerve to poke my head through a big hole. I'm thinking of sacking them. Someone should tell 'em I'm not just there as an object of entertainment!!

I was pleased to get on the road to see my old mum in Hampshire after that . What a time we had... and my little brother Hudson was there too.... more next time!


  1. Dyan, did that doxie have an owner! The pier photo made me laugh I can dig me heels in just like that.
    I don't know your mom and dad turned you into a girl!!!!
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Dogset indeed. Such a wide array of friends you seem to make everywhere you go - glad to catch up with your blog today :)

  3. You look so adorable with your head stuck out the hole, Dylan! hehehe

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Haha, we love the family shot. Priceless!!

  5. Lulu (helped by Lulu&#39;s mum Emma)October 10, 2010 at 10:59 PM

    Dear Dylan,
    Dorst how lovely with your owners, my owner told me all about you and boy the photos do you justice you are very handsome and dead jealous of sily long haired sausage dog