November 07, 2010

All Day Play!

What a  great weekend- my new pals Harvey and Maddy came all the way down from the North to see me (well, they said something about a 'family do' but we ALL know the real reason they came South!). H & M PointerLabbys are just pupsters at 8 months old but they are bigger than me already - they might get to be real live giants when they grow up! Here they are- their coats are so glossy they made the staff-cam go all  funny - ha ha!

We went for a really long walk with my two staff and their pinky friend,Sally- I think they were very glad to only have 1 of us each. Those Pointers can pull and I'm not bad either given half the chance.

 Once the staff got tired we all went off to the pub and a lovely man gave me loads of biscuits. I love Saturday afternoon in the pub and after a walk down the prom. Here's us dogs with one of the staff - this was just before we tipped over the table...only joking (we tried but it was too heavy!)

Then we all went back to my house and had bones! Here's me and Maddy having a good chew on ours

Then here's me just having a little look to see if I can get me another bone.... from right under Maddy's nose ... who wouldn't?

And here's what happened next!

But we were all friends again in the end! 

 Thanks for coming to see me H & M  PointerLabbys - I'm going to get my little winter scarf out and come and see up north just as soon as I can ! 

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