August 19, 2011

My Mum Darcy came to see me!

Oh boy, I feel so much better this week and guess good old mum dropped in to see me today!

Here she is - Darcy the Dog - mother of the famous Dylan the Dog.
 You can see where I get my good looks from eh?

Oh I love my mum.We had such a fantastic time in the park playing with her ball for HOURS (it's like mine but not chewed up)

but then we got a bit tired....

and soon after we conked out...
Well it was hot today innit?

Is was a GREAT day and my little leg feels all better.

Come again soon Mum (bring staff too - they are fun!)
Might see you when I get my haircut next week !
Dylan the Dutiful


  1. Dylan, that's lovely that you got to see your mom again, I wish I could see mine :(
    I bet she was impressed what a hanson boy you have turned out.
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Your mom is just gorgeous, Dylan! What fun to be able to run and play with your mom! We sure wish we could.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch