May 12, 2011

Birthday Fun!

I got to go to my pal Jody's birthday party -and guess what? Her little girl pupster , the beautiful Rosie, was still there and I got to run around with her. How cool is that? And then.... my pal Dooley turned up too. Here we all are - Square Dogs Galore.........

Cool Dooley 

Little Rosie, Pupster extraordinaire!

Chewing the grass

Oops- I think she overdid it

Dooley supervised the party from his patrol point on the sunbed

 But now and again he fell asleep 

And that's when me and Jody got the tug rope out !

And mingled...

Even little Rosie showed her wild side. Look at her trying to steal QuackDuck - the little minx!

And here she is feigning a faint ....ok Rosie, you can have QuackDuck...Rosie? 
"Someone call the Pup-a-Medics please!"

 Hold it everyone.... Dooley's awake again  - back to your Calm-Stations! 

That includes you Rosie! Stand up girl....

Phew....I think we got away with it.

   Happy Birthday Jody- you throw the BEST Welshie parties! 


  1. Oh that looks like a hole load of fun, I wish I could have been there. Happy Birthday Jody
    Pup Rosie looked funny pooped out lol!!
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  2. Happy birthday to Jody! Rosie made the pawty extra special fun. What a cutie she is!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch