August 24, 2011


Here I am all trim and slim again after a date with Joan the Stripper yesterday! Oh I'm soooo glam. Even my little toenails are looking all shiny and posh.And don't even get me started on my dapper tail. 

I've still got a skinny leg but I'm on the up and up now dog fans - even brought the ball back for the staff today. Well they did look after me so I owe them something....though if they want the ball so much why do they keep throwing it away?

August 19, 2011

My Mum Darcy came to see me!

Oh boy, I feel so much better this week and guess good old mum dropped in to see me today!

Here she is - Darcy the Dog - mother of the famous Dylan the Dog.
 You can see where I get my good looks from eh?

Oh I love my mum.We had such a fantastic time in the park playing with her ball for HOURS (it's like mine but not chewed up)

but then we got a bit tired....

and soon after we conked out...
Well it was hot today innit?

Is was a GREAT day and my little leg feels all better.

Come again soon Mum (bring staff too - they are fun!)
Might see you when I get my haircut next week !
Dylan the Dutiful

August 15, 2011

The Deckchair Years

Phew, well I finally got them darn stitches out. Now it's just a matter of a bit more rest and recuperate. Easy when you know how....

Now if only....

I could.....

just get....


Ahhhh...that's it! 

Wake me when it's bone-o'clock

August 02, 2011

Watch out World -The Waggy Tail is back!

I'm feeling a lot better today. Off to vet tomorrow and going to plead with him to take these darn bits of cotton out of my little foot. Soooooo unbecoming.