September 06, 2012


Turn to the left…..
IMG 3065

Turn to the right…..
IMG 3064

bop bop bop bop fashion….
IMG 3069

I love David Bowie I do.
What do you think of my autumn collection?

September 01, 2012

I'm back!

14. Susan & Kev got married

Fans. citizens and fellow pupsters and pooches across this land and the world  - I am back! 

I've been having a very busy time with weddings and ball collecting and snoozing through the summer but now that Autumn is here, I have picked up the old quill and will be posting pics of my antics again. 

I hope you can forgive my radio silence - I had a lot of hat fittings for 'the big day' to see to - oh and the staff were a bit busy running around too.