November 17, 2012

Hearth Dog

Well winter's here but I'm darned if I can get any heat out of this stupid fire - maybe if I get just a teensy bit closer....

Sleepy Welsh terrier

November 02, 2012

Winter Wardrobe

It's dark nights now so I thought it was time to get myself some new togs. My little parcel arrived today with super posh wrapping paper - fitting for someone of my position. Perfect.

I just know know that NO-ONE at the park will have one of these - there's going to be quite a stir....

Here it is - my superjazzy new reflective collar - and I've got a matching lead from those lovely people at QuidoPetz . Now you can all see me at night too!

I'm a happy boy

How do you like my show-pony jumps?

Pretty good eh?