March 03, 2015

Now I am 6

It’s my birthday! 

IMG 2960

 And my bruvs - Happy Birthday Alfie boy! Nice Octopus. 

IMG 2966

And my other bruv- Leo ! Happy birthday Leo - hope you have a wubba-ful day!

Guess what, I got a brand new posh collar- this year I am superhero Dylan! Thank you Quido Petz ! This is the best one yet

IMG 2911

IMG 3002

IMG 2959

And here’s my new pal Hedgie! I never heard one of these squeak before. I might have to explore further... still it's a nice pillow

IMG 2955

 Here's my mood shot- I'm getting older now. I have to try and look cool 

IMG 2978

 Thank you for all my birthday well wishes - I hurt my shoulder this year cos I fell down a pothole in the river - I've not been running around so much, but I've still got it and getting better every day


  1. Happy 6th Birthday, Dylan! You new collar looks fabulous on you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. I like your new collar and leash, very stylish. Happy 6th Barkday, I'm 6 too. it's good to be 6!!