July 22, 2009

Bath and Brush Up

Dylan had a visit to a groomer today in Eastbourne. We're going to be taking him to a Welsh Terrier specialist in Hampshire in a couple of months for his very first 'strip' but I thought it was an idea to get him used to being 'on the table' before we go down there. A big day out.

Step 1
A train commute to Eastbourne. This was Dylan's longest train journey yet. Half way there he caught a peek out of the window and suddenly realised we were moving very fast. It took 3 chew sticks and a peanut butter stuffed Kong to settle him down but we made it without major incident!
Step 2
Into the grooming bath. Dylan wasn't keen at first but was soon splashing around! I then left him for an hour to be pampered. Apparently, he wasn't so very keen on the pampering and gave the groomer a hard time. Little terror hates his legs being brushed!

Step 3
Our little terrier came out of the groomers looking proud as punch with his little fluffed up face and legs. He looked a bit frazzled by the hairdryer to me but he seemed to like it and pottered down the road proud as punch on the way to the train station (see video below)

Step 4
Flat out asleep with his recently be-headed rubber chicken. It's been a very long day for a little Welsh pupster.


  1. Dylan you look adorable all fluffed up. What a big day out you had, you certainly did well!

    Molly, Taffy and Monty.

  2. I'm not sure the groomer would agree with you! They must have the patience of saints.