September 24, 2009

'Do you like my new haircut Mum?'

"What a fantastic day. First I get rid of my shaggy dog look (although frankly, there was no need to tear my coat right off of me!) and meet a lovely new lady friend called Joan . Then I get to go for a big runaround with my mum Darcy and see my old puppy house. "

"I nearly caught a chicken again in the garden but those darn humans are too quick. Here's me and mum keeping an eye on things. Just one quick pounce and I'll have a lovely supper. "

"Not sure what all this sniffing is about but thought I'd better join in"

"Camouflage Welshies - watch out wabbits!"

Darcy watches on while Dylan...well....does a Dylan!

Darcy wins the race....if only Dylan hadn't tripped at that first fence!

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