September 17, 2009

New Collar - Again

I got in trouble at puppy school last week for still having a 'puppy collar' on Dylan. The trouble is I've been holding out for a a new snazzy 'welsh terrier' collar and lead set from America - it finally arrived today courtesy of Lesley from the Welsh Terrier Association (thanks Lesley!) You might actually be able to see more of the collar next week as Dylan is finally due for his very first proper haircut. Pictures of the newly coiffed pupster will appear here shortly after the event.
Oh, perhaps unsurprisingly... while I was trying to get a close up photo of the lead, Dylan had other ideas....


  1. Your new collar is just like mine Dylan but mine is a bit bigger!


    Dylan you look fantastic in your new collar from across the pond. I also guessing you like the camera like myself. I spend hours posing you know, well us Welshies are so incredibly photgenic.


    Pee ess We do hope you can organise your hoomans for the FT walk, we so want to meet you.

  2. We saw your cute face at Molly and Taffy's blog! You are a real cutie, Dylan! I have a collar just like yours but mine is Dale size!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Thanks for visiting Maggie and Mitch - come again soon!