October 10, 2009

Fox Terrier Fun Walk

Dylan had a mad morning hanging about at Brighton Marina with zillions of wire haired fox terriers on their annual walk - with a few extra special guest Welsh Terriers (I also saw a Labrador sneak in but everyone was too polite to mention it! ). Although Kev and I bowed out of the walk, we couldn't miss the photo opportunity and chance to meet lots of little Welsh fluffy fellas !

Here are the Wires...

And there's not as many (and not half as organised) but here are the Welsh.....

Dylan took a particular fancy to a lovely little Welsh Terrier called Daisy. Good wrestling partner even though Dylan does look a bit like Godzilla..

And here's his little Wire Haired friend...

And here he is going in for a punch with an irish terrier who had invaded the pitch.
"If your names not down, your not coming in...."

And finally, a happy Dylan at the end of his adventure....


  1. Oh Dylan we were so disappointed we did not make it to Brighton to see you all.

    We had a disaster in our house yesterday, we had a bit of a flood downstairs and had to supervise the hoomans with the mopping up and employing a good plumber who would actually come without demanding £50 or more just for the privilege of putting his size 12 boots through our front door.

    Anyway we are all sorted now and love all your photos. It did look a wonderful get to gether.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  2. Did you meet Sally and Paddy and Jackson and Blue, Dylan? They're our DWB friends and they were all there! You're so lucky you got to go! We sure wish we could have!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Thanks for coming along! So glad Dylan is enjoying the treats.