September 28, 2009

Dylan's Domain

Dylan spent all day in the garden today watching the gardener prune away next door while lounging on the table or keeping guard under the barbecue. The only interruption to this peaceful scene was when he started barking like a lunatic at passing birds. I don't think we'll have any robins nesting with us this year!

September 25, 2009

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

A sunny sunny south east coast day today so off to the beach we went.
The tide was very low and Dylan hasn't seen so much sand since we visited my mam on the north east coast. He loved it!

"I know there's a reason I'm doing this, but I'm not really sure what it is"


"Just leave me here chilling out for the rest of the day-it's the Brighton way. Oh, and fetch me a 99 before you go"

September 24, 2009

'Do you like my new haircut Mum?'

"What a fantastic day. First I get rid of my shaggy dog look (although frankly, there was no need to tear my coat right off of me!) and meet a lovely new lady friend called Joan . Then I get to go for a big runaround with my mum Darcy and see my old puppy house. "

"I nearly caught a chicken again in the garden but those darn humans are too quick. Here's me and mum keeping an eye on things. Just one quick pounce and I'll have a lovely supper. "

"Not sure what all this sniffing is about but thought I'd better join in"

"Camouflage Welshies - watch out wabbits!"

Darcy watches on while Dylan...well....does a Dylan!

Darcy wins the race....if only Dylan hadn't tripped at that first fence!

Dylan & the Stripper


Just who is this handsome young scamp wearing Dylan's collar and lead?

The Big Day

Take one last look at this cute scruffy pupster. Dylan's first haircut is today ! We've all had a restless night. It's the anxiety.

September 22, 2009

Hard Day at the Office

Long day for Dylan today. Yet another toy to disembowel- it's never-ending. Still he always attacks each job with great enthusiasm until exhaustion hits....

September 20, 2009

Shop Closed

Went for a prom with Dylan along the seafront this morning. Dylan was the centre of attention as ever drawing in every man, woman & child with his 'fancy-pants' walk (up on tiptoes and exaggerated side to side movement) whenever he wanted a pat on the head or fancied the passer by might have some biscuits for him.
On the way back we wandered past one of the pet shops and I felt a sharp tug on the lead - Dylan was making it quite clear he does not agree with Sunday trading hours and decided to do a one-dog protest outside the shop...

September 17, 2009

New Collar - Again

I got in trouble at puppy school last week for still having a 'puppy collar' on Dylan. The trouble is I've been holding out for a a new snazzy 'welsh terrier' collar and lead set from America - it finally arrived today courtesy of Lesley from the Welsh Terrier Association (thanks Lesley!) You might actually be able to see more of the collar next week as Dylan is finally due for his very first proper haircut. Pictures of the newly coiffed pupster will appear here shortly after the event.
Oh, perhaps unsurprisingly... while I was trying to get a close up photo of the lead, Dylan had other ideas....

September 13, 2009

Sheep Tales

We took Dylan up to the South Downs last night for some high altitude walking. There were sheep everywhere.....unfortunately there were also sheep droppings everywhere too. Apparently, to a little Welsh dog, these little brown piles of yuk are a special delicacy. I'll say no more.

September 10, 2009

Wales V Ireland - Another victory for the Welsh Warrior

Here's Bramble , a gorgeous Irish Terrier Dylan met at the puppy park this week. Wrestling good fun !

September 07, 2009

Chewing Away the Day

Toys with squeakers don't seem to last long once Dylan has got hold of them. These rubber chicken toys are meant to be extra long-lasting. I don't think the manufactuers had come across a Welsh Terrier before. Here's Dylan in a demo video : 'How to Extract Squeakers from Stupid Rubber Chickens'

Shortly after the making of this film, the chicken found itself 'sans squeaker'.

September 06, 2009

Scenes of Devastation in Local Garden

Long term readers of this blog will remember Dylan's attack on my hanging basket.The half macerated basket has sat on top of the barbecue ever since waiting for me to get around to fixing or throwing it. Today Dylan decided enough was enough...if I couldn't make a decision , he would! The result? Well see for yourself....and here is he is examining the remains.

September 03, 2009

Welsh Versus The White Wonder

Dylan had a great run around with his favourite white fluffy dog friend today. Here they are in the park. Games were eventually broken up by another invading terrier....