January 01, 2010

Dylan's first Xmas

We travelled through snow and sleet to my mam's in the north-east for Christmas this year. Dylan was an absolute star for the journey - he was so quiet at one point we had to pull over and check he hadn't escaped at the last petrol stop... and I'm not joking!

There must have been some special Xmas announcement on the dog-wave frequency though because Dylan woke up at 5am in the morning and started howling like a 3 year old ! After trying to ignore him for ages, Kev and I eventually decided we'd have to get up before the neighbours started banging on the door shaking sleigh-bells at us.

We took Dylan out at 6am for a trudge in the snow in the dark. The streets were deserted...well apart from 1 other bloke walking his dogs and...you guessed it...already drinking a can of beer. Not sure if he was starting early or still going from the night before. Only in the north east!

A lovely Xmas was had by all with lovely food, family and presents. Thanks Mam. Dylan was the star of the show as ever...

The grand present opening

Note the stuffing scattered around - ripped out of the first present in seconds

Who's idea was it to get up so early?

After lunch slump

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