December 23, 2009

Newsflash: Welsh Terrier Walks on Water

Sometimes in life, we just accidentally come across something really quite special - today was one of those days. Taking Dylan for a walk along the cliff tops near my mam's in the North East we noticed what looked at first like a big patch of golden sand on the otherwise snowy beach. When we went down to the beach itself we found that it was a huge shallow ice lake which must have formed from water coming down the cliffs. Absolutely stunning.And Dylan got his first (and probably last) chance to ice-dance across this lovely frozen lake. As ever, the little pupster was up for exploring. Boy his paws must have been cold!

Can we go down the icy steps to the beach?Please please ....

'Kev the Intrepid' staring out to sea

Icy Reflections

He slides, he slips, but he just keeps going...this puppy is unstoppable

"Welsh Walks on Water Shocker. A little Christmas Miracle!"

Dylan Investigates...

3 second snow run


  1. Gosh Dylan you have much better luck with this walking on water stuff than I do. You will have to teach me how to do it properly.


    Pee S Which beach is that? Taffy loves to run on Bamburgh beach with Molly. I am hoping that I will be courageous enough by April to do the same.

  2. It's the beach in Blackhall Colliery, County Durham - no reason to go there other than family visit but it is stunning on a good day. If it was in the South, millionaires would live on the cliff tops. As it is, retired miners and older people! What a refreshing change.

  3. brrrrrrrrr, that water looks very, very cold Dylan!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. That looks sooo cold and sooo icy and soooooo much fun! We'd love to r on that beach with you! The only beach we know is clustered with people and rules. No off leash running for us! (We'd run away, anyway ... so we guess that's okay.)

    We are so happy to meet you! You are gonna be a great new friend! We've added you to our side bar. Would you like for us to spread the word about your blog? We see you already know Molly, Taffy, Monty, Maggie and Mitch ... What do you think?

    Jake and Fergi xxoo