May 31, 2010

Dylan and the Mystery of the Black Pig

As you know, Dylan loves a black latex pig. He flings them around to his hearts content...or at least until he manages to chew out the squeaker. Working at my desk yesterday, I saw the little fluffy terrier head appear outside and start barking and whining- took me a while to realise that he'd spotted my black piggy bank sitting on the window ledge.

To Dylan this has become a source of great confusion - why has the black squeaky pig turned to stone? Only one way to find out.....

Investigations begin

Then ...... he pounces!

Further investigations....

"Just one more go - if I slobber all over it will it turn back to squishy latex?"

"Nope - oh forget it. I'm off to search for treats instead!"

"All in a days work...."


  1. What a mean trick to switch black piggies on you, Dylan! We'd give up and go for the toy that dispenses treats too!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hey Dylan don't give up on the pig, first you must fined out if it makes a sound when you roll it about, if it do them that meams there peep money in it. Get your mom to take it to the dog shop where you can buy what you want.
    If there's no peep money in there claim it as yours, and any money you fine you have a place to keep it.
    See yea George xxx