May 11, 2010

Dylan Uncut....

Well it's more 'cut' actually!

A whole day in Hampshire - coat stripping for the afternoon with super Welsh Terrier Specialist Joan then a visit to his mum and 'first family'. Joan 'the stripper' said Dylan was 'magnificent' - she knows her stuff so that's high praise and we were rather chuffed... I think Dylan already believed he was magnificent anyway - now he has confirmation there is going to be no living with him.

After an afternoon at Joan's we then collected the 'suddenly skinny' fella and drove off to see the 'first family' for a fantastic run around with the 2 dogs followed by an amazing curry! Thanks to Julie, Gordon, Jess and Callum for giving Dylan the opportunity to rough and tumble with his mum and explore his first home again - he's been exhausted ever since!

Here's some pictures...

Dylan takes a break from his 'Urban Urchin' look to become a 'Lean Mean Rabbiting Machine'. It's SO this season...

Studying the neighbours rabbits...

Dylan and his mum Darcy

Spot the ball - it's all a blur...

Half time break

2nd half kick off

Dylan collapsed on the kitchen floor later that evening ...couldn't even make it to his crate

And now for the movies...

1 comment:

  1. What a great time you had, Dylan! Now we know why you're so pooped!
    Your hAirecut looks awesome! You are one handsome boy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch