March 23, 2011

Dylan & Noodles Go Mad on the Beach

Here's me and my new best friend Noodles enjoying a day on the beach

The staff say he's almost as handsome as way! *sulks*

I showed Noodles how to walk on walls.....

How to beg for liver cake...

How to get rid of flying wabbits....

and how to pose for the camera.....

Then we had a good old game of tug 

And a chase around on our lovely flying wabbit free beach!

Until we were too tired to run anymore..... almost!

Noodles,Noodles,oh Super Noodles
We love your cute black nose
We're glad you've found your forever home
And ....
Can we come and visit soon?

 *canine poetry doesn't rhyme*


  1. How awesome that you met Noodles and you have a new Welshie friend to play with, Dylan! The two of you looked like you were having a great time together!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Wow you met Noodles, how cool is that, you looked to be getting on so well together.
    See Yea George xxx