August 03, 2010

Sunny August Frolics

Off to the Recreation ground today in blazing sunshine- this heat is too much for a little Welsh lad to bear but I was off lead so I had to get in as many bunny hops as I could....

Here's me doing my 'Obedience Special' - just enough to get mum off her guard then see that man in blue walking along in the background ? Seconds after the below I ran into him like a bullet and got him to spill that stinky smelling hooman beer all over himself. Ha ha.  Mum didn't take a video of that bit. Can't think why?

P.S.  I noticed mum taping up the hole in the dog bath today- I'm going to have to write this quickly then hide under a chair in case she tries and puts me in it ....HATE baths!

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