August 27, 2010

Playing Chicken

No...not those feathery yummies you fool, the kind where you risk life and limb for the thrill of it. Well in my case, I was more risking a foam ball but you know what I mean. You don't? Well listen carefully, then I'll begin....

Once upon a time, one of the staff was feeling stressed-out cos of that weird black box she stares at all day. So me being a good little terrier, I decided to take her to the beach for a walk to clear her head. And what's more the windy nights had thrown up some good seaweed to chew on so I was dying to get down there. I love that stuff - don't half make me thirsty though.

Right on to 'playing chicken'. Here's how it goes.....

First, make sure you know how to get the ball out of the sea when it goes in and you've got a strong enough stomach to stand the yukky salty water when the big waves come right up close...

Then... practice practice practice ....the secret is just to pick the ball off the ground at exactly the right time. See me here - I grab it with my action hero moves just before the waves whoosh a load of salt up my puppy nose

Then when you've got your technique just right, you can move on to the tough stuff like me - here I am in deep water (again!)

Now what happened next was not exactly what I was aiming for ....

Oh blimey - it's like re-living history!  I wasn't very happy about these events but I took it in my stride and worked out my plan. 

My staff were too busy putting that darn lead on me to get this bit on the movie-o, but what I did was barked really loud at the sea for a few minutes...then.... guess what ? The sea spat my little ball right back up on the beach! 

Boy was I happy! I wasn't taking any chances after that - me and my foam ball ran home as fast as my little legs could carry me. 

So learn your lesson from me little fellow pupsters - it's fun to play chicken but be careful of that big wet sea- it likes to nick dog toys!

1 comment:

  1. WHEW! We are so glad that you got your ball back and that big nasty sea didn't get you wet, Dylan!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch