August 02, 2010

Dylan Cam

The hoomans were having a birthday treat today so I've taken over the blog to give them a rest - a new HD version camera arrived first thing...and a  rugged one too - I think that's cos mum broke her last one when she fell flat on her face in the river trying to get me to put a toe in the water - some days I just don't fancy a dip.

Anyway , it was a bright and early start and then after a quick run around the park....they left me! Off to see some movie or other at the Odeon so they said. All I got was this:

Not impressed.

Then we were off to the train I don't know if you know this, but I'm not a fan of the iron horse....I can just about manage being on them but climbing on while some loud human shouts 'mind the gap' is just not my cup of tea. BUT it was mum's birthday so I trotted on today without protest. 

It wasn't so bad after all. But I still slung the brakes on when it came to the return journey. Force of habit.

I like to look out of the window on the train .
 Here's my birds eye view of what it's like for a pooch off on the train 


We finally arrived at some little Hassocks Town - from there a quick stop at the pet shop and then off for a ramble before coming home. 

Nice but I would rather be off lead chasing dogs and rugby balls. Ah well, can't have it all. At least when I got home I managed to find some mischief.

Mmmmmm....BEETROOT !

The hoomans said it looked like a scene from Aliens  !

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  1. Oh Dylan, I thought they had dressed you up when I saw the first pic, One of my fureinds Murphy a great dane, was in the trailer for the film, if you blink you miss him. You took that train journey like a pro. Happy Birthday to your mom, beetroot, you know that turns your p** a funny colour.
    See Yea George xxx