April 27, 2009

Day 2

A very hot day yesterday - sun at last! We spent most of the day in the garden with Dylan getting more confident by the minute and having a real explore. His favourite thing today was biting the heads off flowers - he seems to particularly like a geranium leaf after meals - who knows, he may be a budding herbalist.

As the day got hotter, I decided to water the plants and got the garden hose out. I thought this might start a tug of war between Dylan and the hose, but instead his curiosity got the better of him and he frolicked around under the spray of water until he got a good soaking. ( I promise I wasn't spraying him on purpose- the neighbours are my witnesses as they were looking over the garden fence at the time) . They do say Welsh Terriers love a swim so maybe there's something in it!

We also took Dylan out into Hove for the first time in his little puppy handbag. All the way to Tescos and back- wish I had photos of this one but it was impossible- Dylan was very keen to get down on the floor with the other dogs so it took all our energy to keep him from doing a 'Tigger spring' out of the bag. It's a shame as Kev looked a treat with his handbag on! 

More soon. 


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  1. We MUST introduce you to some of our pals! We know a bunch of doggies (and kitties too) who would LOVE to know you!

    Jake and Fergs xxoo