April 27, 2009

My first weekend as a dog owner

It's been a tough weekend , as you can tell by the pictures of (a) me loafing on the sofa and (b) my foot in its slipper ;-)

Seriously, I had a long day on Saturday so by the time I came home I was quite tired, fortunately Dylan was sleepy as well and was soon curled up on my foot, bless him! Dylan has proved thoroughly cute, and as Susan is doing all the hard work it seems he seeks me out when he wants a bit of company, there is no justice, eh Suzie?

This morning (Monday) the little scamp seemed to be much happier with his surroundings, so whilst we ate breakfast we got to laugh at Dylan running round the garden hiding his toys in the flower beds.

** Newsflash ** Just heard from Susan, apparently Dylan has just been caught trying to dig under the garden fence, hopefully this is just a manifestation of his terrier heritage and not a bid for freedom.

Cheers, Kev.

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