April 26, 2009

Dylan's Arrival

Dylan the 8 week old Welsh Terrier has arrived at KellyGee mansions! 

We picked Dylan up yesterday from his lovely 'first family' and his mum Darcy. After fond farewells we set off in the car back to Hove. First 30 minutes of the journey involved 'Dylan the Escape Artist' trying to climb out of his cardboard box - I think he might have wanted to do the driving but Sally my lovely chauffeur and 'puppy picker' insisted she stay at the wheel.

Arrived home and Dylan settled right in. He pottered all around the house and garden and even took a peak in his dog crate and had a little nap-a good start!   Our neighbour's little girl Ella said hello across the fence- I think she has been looking forward to Dylan's arrival almost as much as me!

Kev arrived home after a very long day at work to be immediately greeted by the lovely little fella. I was ignored for the rest of the night as Dylan settled himself down around Kev's feet. A good day!

Here he is.... 

1 comment:

  1. Awww! You were just a pupster a year ago! When was your birthday? Happy belated birthday sweet boy!

    Jake and Fergi xxoo