April 30, 2009

Dylan at the beach

After a very early start today, I decided to take Dylan for a jaunt to the beach in his 'puppy bag'. It all sounds idyllic doesn't it? Not quite...if you imagine juggling spaghetti you'll have some idea of what it's like keeping 'curious boy Dylan' in his bag. He wants to explore and terriers are determined! Still we made it in the end and Dylan got his first glance of the sea, meeting lots of people on the way and playing up to strangers for a stroke on the head. Like a true pedigree, he knows how to 'turn it on' when he needs to! 

We've started doing little bits of training with him and amazingly he seems to have learnt 'sit' super quickly. He'll do well in his puppy school exams I'm sure!  If only he would learn 'will you stop biting my trouser legs? ' as quick... we'd have much more peaceful mornings!

Another day, another empty tin of dog food...


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