April 28, 2009

Vets, Ducks, Friends and Puppy Bags

What a day little Dylan has had!  First thing this morning Kev and I rushed him off to the vets where he was given a full MOT  - he didn't mind eating the treats but objected to having his tail lifted and his ears examined- perfectly understandable.  Then it was time for the first immunisation- our vet is lovely and a true professional- I don't think he even noticed the injection as he was so busy snuffling around the table after the strategically placed food treats. Jab 1 complete.

Shortly after returning home our friend Ray arrived to help fix our chronically troublesome shower - a good socialisation opportunity for Dylan which he embraced wholeheartedly ! And with help from Kev 'the plumber's mate' we finally got our shower fixed  - all hail the super Plumber Ray!

Then it was time for more adventures. We have 3 weeks now until Dylan's jabs are complete and he can be put down on the floor for a 'proper walk' - in the meantime we have to get him out as much as possible as this is a key time for socialisation and it's really important he has as many experiences as possible. This is where the 'puppy bag' comes in.He's quite happy in there as you can see (helped by the fact that he'd already had some jaunts in a wicker basket with his 'first family'- thank you!).  Off we went down to our local pet shop - on the way we were assaulted by the usual town noises- air brakes on buses, pedestrian crossings, curious people, children and the noise of cars rushing around - Dylan was a star and was so sleepy after his jab that he dozed right off in the bag , with his head and front paws lolling around outside. Gave a woman in the pet shop quite a turn when he woke up as she had thought he was a cuddly toy! 

Then home again and, after a quick tug of war game in the garden with his plush duck, Dylan has spent the rest of the day flat out asleep. I suspect it's going to be a long long night...


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