May 01, 2009

Spinning around

Another  sunny day and Dylan started the morning with a chillout in the deckchair- he really is starting to take this 'sit' business a little bit too far! Kev started training him to 'lie down' last night - annoyingly, it seemed to work well straight away - Dylan was a superstar a couple of times and did the whole sit to lie down thing...but when I tried it today , 'down' seems to have translated in Dylan's head to 'pounce on your owner's hand, toenails at the ready' ! Close though...

I decided to get Dylan his own cushion to sit on in the front room -  as you can see,  I didn't measure the one I ordered!  It's a tad on the large side but Dylan seems to like it. Think of it as an oversized sofa for the stylish urbanite dog. 

The plush duck took a battering again today as Dylan 'did a Kylie' and started spinning around... Tasmanian Devil eat your heart out! 


  1. Hi Dylan

    We were so excited to see another Welshie make his debut on the internet. We will follow your blog and look forward to seeing you grow up.

    Moly and Taffy

  2. Hi Molly and Taffy ! Thanks for visiting.