May 05, 2009

Bank Holiday

A busy busy bank holiday for Dylan with lots of visitors and excitement. On Friday we took him to the local pub for a little G & T after work (for us not Dylan.... he was happy with a stripy straw!) Once again he drew the crowds and it's amazing how he can be doing his manic houdini act one moment, desperately trying to escape his bag , but then stops stark still and does a  'how cute am I?' pose the minute a stranger approaches. The barmaid loved him!

I think the highlight of the weekend for Dylan was a visit from our friends and their daughter Savi who loves dogs and was absolutely brilliant with him - little Dylan played and played 'til he clapped out on her lap for the rest of the afternoon! He also had a little 'home alone' in his crate while I cycled down to the Brighton Festival Children's Parade and Jamie Oliver's new place for lunch - seems he slept the whole 2 hours . Great timing and great lunch. 

We have become the petting zoo of the street. At one point this weekend we had both sets of neighbours and their own friends and family hanging over the fence to catch a glimpse of Dylan scampering around . His favourite toy at the moment is a champagne cork he found in the garden (nothing to do with us gov) - he seems to take particular pride in it as it is his own retrieved treasure and he has several hiding places for it in the garden to keep it hidden away from us. Wish we had a webcam to watch his stealth tactics. 

After all the excitement of the weekend and some fantastic training sessions (more later), Dylan settled down to eat a frozen banana in the sun. It's a dog's life.



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