May 23, 2009

Dylan Does Mensa

Dylan has a new toy -  'the Dog Brick'. It's from a range made by those clever Swedes and I can see already they are right up Dylan's street . You fill the little round holes with treats then slide over the black 'window' blocks then have your dog try find the treats.

The instructions say that dogs take time to 'get it' and you should start by putting really tasty treats in there with all the 'windows' open so the dog can work out what to do . Needless to say Dylan didn't need all that... straight in and opening the windows with his little cat paws first time. 

Only trouble is, he can't seem to work out when he's already eaten the treat - left to his own devices he would probably carry on flicking open the windows for hours on end sniffing out a non existent treat . But that would just be mean! 

 I usually go for 2 refills then take it away - Dylan is devastated at this point and does his best 'puppy dog plea' - paws together and staring balefully at the shelf. I won't give in though. One day I shall be the boss of this young terrier scamp....

P.S. Sorry about the extended bottom shot - I'll never make it as a film director !

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