May 19, 2009

Dylan Cam - first walk

The day finally arrived for Dylan's first 'proper' walk today. Off we went to the local Rugby ground-this seemed apt as Dylan's pedigree name is Arthur Chilcott - Chilcott being a famous rugby player apparently . I don't know anything about rugby but I love saying the name in a strong Yorkshire accent- I only use it when he's in trouble...that's quite a lot now I think about it!

Dylan couldn't believe his luck as he saw the massive green expanse in front of him...with smells, sights and sounds of other pooches everywhere. After 10 minutes of bucking bronco with the leash and an attempt to escape by've guessed it...tearing at my trouser legs, Dylan had a fantastic walk. Well more of a 'stop start wander' but you get the picture.

Along the way he met 3 dogs - a 12 year old spaniel who was horrified at Dylan's attempts to climb on top of his head , a Labrador and a HUGE cross breed who was absolutely gorgeous and very gentle with Dylan. I think the dog's owner was very surprised at Dylan's bravery - size means nought to our little scamp and he ran up for a play immediately and would have happily gone home with the big fella. We also met a man trying to make his way home with what looked like a huge hangover and a very bad head....Dylan greeted him like a long lost friend and he managed to break a smile - I like to think Dylan made his day. 

Here he is ...

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