May 16, 2009

When Dylan met Betty

Dylan had a very exciting afternoon today as he met a beautiful little Jack Russel Puppy called Betty. Betty is going to be in the same Puppy School so we thought it would be a good idea to get them together in the garden before they start school.

Betty is a little younger than Dylan and just seeing the cute little dot made us realise how much Dylan has grown. He was towering over her and pawing away like a mad giant ... Kev and I had to grapple the little lunatic to the ground a few times. Poor Betty didn't know what was going on for the first half an hour. I guess Dylan was bound to be a bit territorial on his own patch but he does need to learn some puppy manners fast - I don't think he's realised yet that not all puppies want to run around at 80 miles an hour and play rough. Soon though, Betty was holding her own and gave him a few swipes and nips back - go for it Betty! The girl's got spirit. I expect Dylan will get detention when they get to school and Betty will be gold stars all the way. 

After a while things calmed down and Betty and Dylan settled down to enjoy a chicken stock ice cube in the sun - ahhhhh.  

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